HTC’s phone keyboard is displaying ads to users and it is annoying

It’s the case of free apps that voluntarily put your phone for ads. The big issue is that phone owners are delivered with ads without warning which creates an irritable situation for the, recently, HTC owners seem to be dealing with the same kind of problem.

On some of the HTC devices, an updated TouchPal keyboard is used as default. The owners are now seeing ads because of the TouchPal keyboard. In order to avoid cross commercialism, many people would rather not have to switch keyboards. As far as HTC is concerned on this issue, the brand is asking users to uninstall TouchPal’s updates for now. It has been self-claimed by TouchPal that the unwanted advertisements are a result of a server issue. But it seems more like a mistake as TouchPal tossed a wrong virtual switch and has started sending ads to those customers who were not supposed to see them.

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The error, however, takes the attention of customers with the risks of outsourcing system software. This indicates that if a manufacturer fails to write its own codes, such surprises can be seen very often then. For now, the issue seems to be hurting HTC’s brand image. However, HTC has confirmed that the error wasn’t intentional and it’s working on the system to make things right again. According to an issued statement recently, the company states that few of the HTC customers are seeing ads on their phone’s keyboard. This is absolutely not something the company ever intended for therefore it is working to immediately remove the unwanted ads from the system.

Via: Engadget

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