How to super boost your brain power for remembering things better and learning new things more quickly

You may have noticed people who are great at remembering even the mundane details and are able to comprehend new things in a much better way. It seems that they use their brain to their best potential and stay active mentally as well as physically. But scrolling through various platforms in order to know the techniques for making your brain smart is not going to help.

For remembering things better and learning new things more quickly, you need to follow these effective ways:

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Eliminate stress:

Stress can be really damaging for your memory functions. Daily stress can easily eat away the parts of your brain that are responsible for improving your memory. Stress increases the level of cortisol in your bloodstream. This, in turn, increases the level of cortisol in the brain which diminishes certain areas especially the ones where short-term memory is stored. Prolonged stress can even destroy your brain’s ability to think of creative things.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep plays a very important role in making your brain function efficiently. When you sleep, your brain strengthens the memory of recently acquired information and helps your body function actively when you are awake.

Never skip a breakfast:

With the schedules getting tighter, people are finding less time to pay attention to what they eat for breakfast. Most of the individuals just rely on coffee after waking up and do not eat anything. But science has proved that eating a proper breakfast give your brain energy that is enough to confront challenges of the day.


Writing down your everyday thoughts is considered a best way to remember what you have learnt. When you write down the information, it creates oxygenated blood flow to brain areas that are responsible for your memories. The practice of writing helps your brain to exercise those sections of it and can help improve your ability to remember.

Visualize the information:

According to experts, many people remember things more quickly when they visualize the concepts they are studying. Photographs, charts, and graphical designs pull up a mental image and help you remember the information for long.

Crossword puzzles:

In order to keep your brain active, you need to be playing crossword puzzles. Playing on a daily basis can push your brain to work actively and delays memory loss. Therefore, make it a habit of playing crossword puzzles and you will see a big difference when it comes to remembering information.

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