How to regain control when you feel overwhelmed

The world you live in continuous to get busier which makes it easier to find yourself overwhelmed. You feel overwhelmed by everything around you and it is the major cause of stress that leads to anxiety and burnout. When you feel overwhelmed, you often feel a loss of control and have no idea how to get it back.

Following are the few practical tips that can help you escape the feeling of overwhelm:

Take a walk:

In a situation where you feel overwhelmed, it is better to go out for a walk. The release of endorphins will make you feel relaxed as you will get time to take hold of the thoughts in your mind.

Focus away from your own self:

You feel overwhelmed because at times you start to focus so much on your own self. You need to get out of that by focusing on the bigger picture of your life. Be mindful of the surroundings and the place you are in and focus on other things rather than yourself.

Do what you like:

Another important thing that can ease your feeling of overwhelm is when you indulge in something that you like the most. Play your favorite song, wear your best shirt, order your favorite food, and distract yourself from the negative feelings.

Change your plans:

The best way to escape the feeling of overwhelm is to change your mindset. You can do that by changing the plans that you had for the day. Go out with your friends and family and do what you had not planned. The change in plans will reset your mind and will make you feel much better.

Smile more:

When you are feeling overwhelmed, you naturally frown more. That is not just a facial expression that you make its impact disturb your entire body and mind. Instead, start smiling more even if you have no reason. Just smile on the blessings that you have and the abilities that you have been gifted by God. It will change your feelings in a few minutes.

Write it out:

Sometimes you start to feel overwhelmed because you have a long to-do list to work on. Take a break for few minutes and write everything down that is troubling you about the tasks or the meetings. Once you get the clutter out, you will feel recharged.

Laugh out your stress:

You may have never given it a thought but when you laugh, you release most of your stress. It makes you feel lighter and brighter. Shift your feelings of overwhelm by watching some funny programs. Even if you are alone, laugh out like crazy and you will feel much better.