How to Impress your boss on daily basis for better career growth

It may sound a bit humorous but impressing the boss is always a challenge that gapes at you with jaws open. But it is not as challenging as it sounds because the superiors are just normal people with their own idea and style of working. Once you understand what they want out of you, then there is only smooth sailing. You just need learn some subtle tricks that will help you become a star in the eyes of your boss.

Following are the basic ways you can impress your boss and depending upon your capabilities, these might sound easy or difficult. People who are struggling to impress their boss for a better upcoming appraisal; following are the techniques to adapt on daily basis:

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Do not complain:

Being underutilized at work often compels you to complain about the job to your boss. That does not give much of a good impression. But if you want to get things better, you need to resist this urge of complaining and instead, focus on the tasks that you know you are proficient at. Make concrete suggestions to your boss about the things you are good at and how your proficiency can help to make things even better.

Take independent projects:

The boss might not think of you handling the complicated projects and give you work that is actually a team work. But apart from that, take something that can help the business and work to complete it on your own time. It will indicate to your boss that you have the ability to complete projects without any guidance. When you will come up with good results, your boss will replace your ordinary work with responsibilities that will be a boost to your career.

Reconsider what you had been hired for:

It might happen that you spend years in a job and get stuck at the same position. But if you find yourself doing just the basic work that seems totally different from your job description, then you have every right to speak for yourself. But again it should not sound as if you are complaining, you must express your thoughts as the work you are assigned to do is not according to the job you were hired for. This will surely get noticed and if your arguments are really authentic, your boss will come to realize the errors of his ways.

Instead of complaining, you need to address the issues and make your boss understand that you are working below your capacity. It will help you to achieve happiness and success in your career with the passage of time.

Via: Business Insider

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