His 5 Years Old Freelance Marketplace Does Business Over $100 Million Annually

All employees do not have an office, they work remotely.

All startups go through lots of trials in their early days but only some of them become extremely successful in their ventures. This happens when some of the ambitious entrepreneurs go a little extra mile to take their business to the next level. This is what Breanden Beneschott did to get his company off the ground.

Beneschott cofounded the startup for placing technical freelance workers with companies, Toptal. He started his journey when he was still in school at Princeton University. He became a self-taught Software developer and started working as a freelancer. He realized a hurdle faced by most of the freelancers to find work for themselves. He felt the lack of a platform that could connect the talented freelancers with the companies who needed short-term support.

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This was the main thought behind Beneschott’s startup company, Toptal. Five years later from getting started, the company started earning $100 million annually. The clients were ranging from all over the world for the platform and hundreds of employees started working for the company.

The expansion of the company made Beneschott and his cofounder decide on one thing, either to follow the typical Silicon Valley startup route or to do something really different. When he started his journey, he never had plans for raising the $10 million series, getting a big office, and just going on living like that. He was not truly satisfied with just raising the money because he had a bigger vision to chase.

So he and his cofounder decided to shift to a place that was full of smart people but had lack of local job opportunities. So, he started his journey once again at Budapest, Hungary.

Currently hundreds of employees are working for Toptal around the world in more than 30 locations. It allows anyone to join from anywhere and encourages its employees to travel and work. In this company people are available all the time without being chained to their desk. Travelling often makes the founders refresh all the time so they are always prepare to take up new challenges and find solutions to constantly occurring problems.

Beneschott after shifting to Budapest has lived in almost 35 countries. He spent few months in Europe and South America. The constant travelling inspired him for so many new issues and he became truly addicted to this style of work. Another reason for Beneschott’s travelling is his love for polo sport. He is a very passionate player of polo and has competed in sports all around the world.

Beneschott is actually a doer, not a dreamer. He has high aims for starting a series of new things at many new places. His life is a constant struggle to revolutionize the freelancing industry.

Signup as Freelancer on https://www.toptal.com, a company growing extremely fast.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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