Here is why it is important to update your iPhone with iOS 10.33

The iPhone updates are something that most of the people keep delaying. That’s because these are not considered important. Although, this is the kind of a pending work that can wait till you are free enough to do it but it should be done once you are free over the weekend. But recently, this case has become one of the urgent works iPhone users need to do.

The users of the iPhone who have iOS 10, are required to download and update iOS 10.33 immediately. Otherwise, the iPhone users are expected to be vulnerable to a frightening bug called Broadpwn. The update is helpful in treating this bug which can make its way to the iPhone’s WiFi system. This Broadpwn bug can even hijack the iPhone users’ phones and can misuse their phone. The update does not require engaging in any action. All what a hacker needs to do is to get your phone within range of an infected WiFi point. A user’s phone gets officially breached once this happens. Since the WiFi chip and the phone’s processor are separate therefore pulling this off is pretty difficult.

If the users didn’t accept the update to their phone, chances are that they will remain susceptible to getting infected by this particular bug.

Via: MSN