Here is why Homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century

Homeschooling is not a modern concept; scholars from various philosophical traditions have been practicing it for ages. They believed the prime aim of education was rectitude which can be provided at no other place but home. It is one of the most important social practices of the olden semi century. In the today’s world, the reemergence of this old practice has occurred for plenty of distinct modern reasons. In the field of education, homeschooling creates a dramatic movement and impacts children by improving their academic achievement. According to researchers, an average homeschooler scores higher on standardized achievements tests. Increased bonding is also one of the reasons parents are opting for homeschooling of children in their initial years without worrying for them to be bullied or getting standardized lesson plans for all.

Following are the ways homeschooling can make a good sense for your child:

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Learning that is appropriate to your child:

The biggest reason for homeschooling is that it makes the kids learn at the speed and in the style that is most appropriate for them. Personalized learning is something that is highly preferred by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg which tends to use technology that provides tailored lesson plans to students. It makes parents provide the right kind of instruction their child requires and helps to boost scores in math and reading.

Exploring their strengths:

Being out of the standardized education environment, homeschooling helps children to explore to get informed about numerous topics that schools will not provide. It is possible to give them psychology lessons when they are in fourth grade and to get to know about finance in eighth grade. In today’s world, many parents are themselves capable of proving this knowledge to their kids. But if they cannot, then online learning has made possible to learn about all kinds of subjects from home.

Forming friendships:

Lack of socialization is feared among the most when it comes to homeschooling. But the social media platforms have provided so many opportunities that friendships are no longer limited to the people around. Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram have made it extremely easy to meet with other homeschoolers or those from the traditional schools.

Avoiding bullying:

Kids who are bullied at schools often end up having anxiety and depression failing to perform better in life. Homeschooling provides a harmonious environment to children removing all the pressures that can affect their learning.

Matures kids more quickly:

During homeschooling, majority of the instruction takes place at libraries, halls of local museums, or community colleges. These kind of experiences cultivate open-mindedness among children and make them mature more quickly.

Achieving more in the long-run:

From an achievement point of view, homeschooling is of more advantage to students. Homeschoolers are considered to stick around longer in college and perform better once they are enrolled.

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