Here is why Galaxy Note 8 will not explode Like Note 7

The number of explosions and fires for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 forced the company to pull back the phone and come up with new security measures. For its upcoming devices, Samsung made efforts for high quality assurance practices in order to make sure that no other future smartphones suffer the same fate as that of Note 7’s. With the Galaxy Note 8, it seems that the company has learnt the lesson well as it has made no errors with its new smart phone.

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T3, a gadget website looks at why Note8 is improvement over Note 7 and why it will not catch fire.

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The 8-Point battery check:

The Samsung’s 8-Point battery check system is claimed by the company as the most rigorous in the industry right now. It involves durability tests, visual inspection, voltage abnormalities, and even the x-ray tests. The battery undergoes an intensive testing in the accelerated usage test.

Battery size:

As a precaution, Samsung has also kept the battery size smaller than that of Galaxy S8 and S8+. It includes a small 3,300mAh size battery in the Galaxy Note 8.

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Enlisted outside help:

For working on the battery tests, Samsung contracted with UL International. The company has been working with Samsung for quality and safety evaluation. It’s because of this, that Samsung has been able to complete a series of device and battery safety compatibility test protocols.

With Note 7, Samsung has been unlucky because the device had two prominent flaws that led to explosions in the first place. One of the most basic flaws was with the design of the Note 7 itself which was present in the upper right corner of the original battery that led to a short circuit. The other was the replacement battery’s welding defect that led to overheating of the phone. The Note 7 debacle was the most challenging for Samsung but the company has come up with Galaxy Note 8 after the setup claiming it to be free from all faults.

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