Health is wealth. Follow these 7 ways to achieve your fitness resolution in 2019

Most of the people think that their fitness resolution revolves around working out but the experts state that one of the most important things that you lack is the specificity. Whatever the goals you have set for yourself, they need to be quantifiable and very specific. It is always best to form a detailed plan regarding the days of the week you can possibly work out, to improve your heart health, or to achieve any time of fitness goal.

Following are the ways to achieve your fitness resolutions:

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Know the reason:

You need to understand what the goals you want to achieve are and why you want them. If you want to lose weight on a specific body part then what exercise can help you do that? You must find the inherent desire and ambition to do the work out and continue it.

Get started:

You must not get discouraged if you have wasted some time in starting your workout. It is because every day brings new possibilities for you and once you get started, everything will get easier. Just get started with your workout and it will get better with every passing day.

Share it with a friend:

Attaining your fitness resolutions would be easier if you share it with a friend who has the same interest. Your friend should be interested in going to the gym, finding the trails to run on, and to decide on a meal plan. This helps to keep each other accountable and maintain a monotonous routine.

Join a class:

Doing work out on your own can sometimes feel very hard therefore, it is better to join a class for this purpose. When you have a professional trainer in front of you, you get the motivation to do what you need to do. Join a class that you have wanted to try such as Pilates, body bump, boot camps, yoga etc. You will see better results than performing on your own

Set reminders:

You need to set reminders in order to mentally prepare yourself before you leave for the gym. In your calendar, write down when you will go for your work out and how much time you will spend doing it. It will help you to get into the right mindset and commit to everything you set your heart to.

Take photos:

Before starting with your fitness resolution, take a photograph of yourself and save it for yourself. The only time you get to see it, is to see how far you have come and what more you need to do to achieve the final goal.

Reward yourself:

Once you get started, you are already ahead of the people who have not started yet. Look at the journey that you have and how much you have achieved. Be happy with your efforts and have guilt-free rewards for your accomplishments.

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