Hamza Arshad, A Pakistani/UK whose YouTube video once became the seventh most viewed

Hamza Arshad is a great asset for people who appreciate humor and entertainment. People can easily relate to his comedy because there is always a message behind it. He engages his audience with powerful videos that not only provide entertainment but also make them learn something new.

Hamza Arshad is an English actor, comedian, and a writer with a Pakistani origin. He was born and brought up in Stratham, London. At Croydon College, he studied GNVQ in Performing Arts and also got the BTEC National Diploma from the Kinston College. Because of his interest towards the performing arts, he graduated with a degree in Drama from the Richmond Drama School.

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His learning refined his skills for arts and he thought of himself as a capable person to make other people smile. The positivity inside Hamza urged him to start giving back to the community in the form of spreading light about Islam. He wanted to teach morals and etiquettes to the youngsters of the Muslim community in a way that never appeared as a lesson. He started making inspirational videos that provided a choice to people. He became most popular for his internet series, Dairy of a Bad Man in 2010. It was a comedy series that focused on the diaries of a young man with “mentality of a sever year old”. The episodes of this series got an overwhelming response in UK and its fifth episode became the seventh most viewed video on YouTube. He has now become one of the most popular online comedians in UK having 270,000 YouTube subscribers.

Hamza Arshad was awarded in the comedy and entertainment category at the third annual Shorty Awards in 2001 for social media at The Times Centre in New York City. At the fourth Annual Shorty Awards, he was again nominated in the YouTube Star category.

Hamza Arshad is a character that every kid in UK relates to; he has a really good depth when it comes to chatting with the youngsters. Because of his projects he has been able to change the hearts of many people and making them happy with their faith. He had been recruited by the Metropolitan Police in 2011 for discussing topics and issues with students that were encountered by teenagers living in London. He has been chosen by many authorities to hold workshops at schools to prevent the younger generation from radicalization. He is working as a team with the Scotland Yard on projects that appeal the youth and prevent them from getting involved into violent Islamist extremism.

Hamza Arshad wants the young generation to have a better understanding of Islam so that can portray a better picture in front of other people and this can be done best by first learning to respect other religions.




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