Google’s A.I. Duet experiment (Video Included)

From the very beginning, Google’s approach is to deliver agile innovations to its users. In today’s era, Google is creating value by working with Artificial Intelligence. The prime objective of the company behind every innovation effort is to improve lives, disrupt the traditional patterns, and delight its consumers.

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After many years in business, Google’s ways of providing value has evolved and its digital innovations have forever changed the cadence. Machine learning is inspiring people to be creative in many ways and the company has recently launched a new machine learning experiment i.e A.I. Duet. This is a kind of experiment that allows you to play with your computer.

The working for this experiment is extremely simple. By playing few notes, the computer will respond to your melody. You don’t have to be a musician in order to use it, it’s just pressing some keys, and listening what comes back. The computer response comes pretty random but obviously it comes in relation to what notes have been played.

The special thing about this new interactive experiment is that it plays with you using machine learning. It does not act like a machine that only programmed to pay music with notes and rules that are hard-coded into it. Because A.I. Duet has been exposed to various melody examples and over time it has learnt the relationship between notes and timing. This helps it to build up its own music map relying on what it has listened. These maps are them stored in A.I.’s neural networks and as a person plays music to the computer, it responds with the best match by comparing it what is being played and what it has learned. Natural responses are the result of this activity but with the help of A.I. Duet, it can produce responses which are not even programmed.

A.I. Duet is part of a Magenta open source project for Tensorflow that focuses mainly on bringing machine learning to music and Tone.js. Even if you just smash on your keyboard, the responses will definitely sound better than yours.

Via: Tech Crunch

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