Google+ won’t go

As people started considering Google as a primary source of information on the internet, Google wanted Google+ to be the primary route for humans to experience other people online. It was so considerate of Google to connect people through different circles rather than adding everyone into the friends list.

Google+ was once supposed to kill Facebook but now we wonder how it’s even alive today. By looking at the user metrics it was obvious that Google+ wasn’t going to succeed for long. But now it seems Google has not given up yet on its designated social network. Over the next few weeks, Google is expected to roll out three updates to the product.

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According to Google+ manager Danielle Buckley, one of the update will allow Google+ users to hide the comments they feel uncomfortable with so that they can continue focusing on the comments that actually matter to them.

Another update will provide zoom capabilities for images and making it so that users see less white space on the screen. Also, the return of Events is another exciting feature for Google. It will be starting from January 24 and will be enabling people to create and join Events on Google+. This date also marks the official end of the Google+ but it is not actually going to end.

The evolution of Google+ from a basic social network to a platform that focuses more on content curation began in 2015. Because of which Google+ was redesigned by Google and various tools were introduced for community moderators along with a way to incorporate images and links to comments. According to Buckley, bidding farewell to classic Google+ does not mean that the team is not working on the new one.

These updates may not lead to Google+ renaissance but the death clock seems to have a reset for the platform.

Via: Tech Crunch

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