Google Voice is expected to get an upgrade

An important update for Google Voice by Google is expected to be rolled out soon. An upgrade link publicizing the new Google Voice on the web version of the surface has been seen by several Google voice users this week. The link was to help them experience the improved version. Although, this hype was created a bit too early as compared to the actual availability of the up gradation of Google Voice. According to users the message appeared at the top of the screen once they logged in to their account. The message stated that the new Google Voice is here, Try Now. But upon clicking the given link, the page just refreshed keeping the customers on the current user interface.

But just the existence of this upgrade has been very encouraging for the Google Voice customers. Especially for those who considered this service being abandoned due to Google’s other efforts in communication space such as Hangouts and messaging apps like Allo and Duo.

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Many people feel this product has not been given attention by the company in years but that’s not all true. Google voice stayed on the side in 2016 but it received important updates before that. In 2014, Google’s Hangouts integrated with Google’s Voice much improved voicemail transcriptions were added to Google’s Voice in 2015.

Despite the potential of this service, the updates were not enough. Many other voice calling apps have gained momentum due to neglecting of Google Voice by Google itself. These messaging apps have become extremely popular among people today and they prefer sharing a public phone number to ring anywhere in the world. This is the line that has its own voicemail and filtering options and this is something being handled by other startups such as Burner or newcomer Listen.

Mobile user’s space was ignored by Google since the first half of the year; no updates were brought to Google’s iOS and Android apps. But this section was successfully picked up by its rivals. But now Google itself has confirmed about the updates for its Google Voice.

No further details regarding the update have been given by the company. It is still unclear what this Google Voice update actually entails for the customers. In fact all the communication products by Google are in constant state of flux. For example, Hangouts has recently seen an API shutdown which will effectively secure the app ecosystem for many developers on the platform. In an email, Google has explained to developers that it will now be moving away from its customer focus. This means that whatever apps are allowed to operate now, they focus more towards enterprise.

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