Google updates Classroom with new tools for students, parents, and teachers.

“I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture, elegant solutions to complex problems”. Mark Zukerberg

Google has become a global source of information since it was first registered as a domain name in 1997. Being the most popular search engine, it caters to three billion queries a day. It has made life of the students much easier than it was before. They can quickly get the information they require, if Google can’t find an answer to their question then it just simply cannot be found.

Google’s tools and apps make the search easier and interesting. A blended learning platform for teachers and students, Google Classroom, has productivity tools that include emails, documents, and storage.

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The purpose:

Google classrooms are developed with a purpose of building a free learning management system. It focuses on the classroom hub to communicate with learners, give them a constructive feedback, and share the documents as well as assignments. It aims to make the classrooms effective and paperless. It helps parents to receive an update on their kid’s progress. Teachers can send in daily or weekly emails to the parents of the student.



Goggle Classroom is easy to use and is accessible from all devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. You can add as many learners as you want and use Google documents to manage all the documents and assignments.

The new version of the Classroom mobile app is for teachers and students to clearly explain the documents and collaborate outside the classroom. Students can create visuals in order to share their thoughts about an issue and the teachers can explain them.

The two way communication between teachers and students make it easier for the teacher to grade student’s assignments, highlight passages in a document to share with the class and use annotations to grade those assignments. The assignment process has never been quicker and more effective; teachers can even check who is working on the assignment and give their feedback.

The new version of Google Classroom has not brought many modifications through a teacher’s perspective, but has provided new ways for managing the activities of the classroom. The latest feature of Google allows questions and multiple choice answers to be illustrated with visual images.

Inbox by Gmail:

Google’s next-gen email tool takes a whole new approach to email. It is available to Google for education purposes and expeditions. This is where Google brings the virtual reality experiences inside the classroom in order to make the whole process more meaningful and interesting.

  You can learn more about Google Classroom Here

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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