Fuze, iPhone 7 case Bringing Back The Audio Jack

Fuze iPhone 7 Case

In the past 100 year, human ears have enjoyed music more than anything else. All thanks to revolution of the headphones that allowed more consumption of media. The legend which empowered people to interact with media privately and individually even in a noisy place is no one else but Apple.

Apple increased the need for headphones more than ever with its portable media consumption strategy. The company has always been in a quest for bigger and better innovation technique for their devices. Recently launched iPhone 7 by Apple has left analysts in amazement as it removed the traditional headphone jack.

Hate The iPhone 7 Wireless Ear Pods?

Business Insider tells about an interesting Kick Starter campaign. According to a hardware developer Diego Prince and his cofounder Troy Osinoff, they launched an Indiegogo Campaign to reach their goal and ship Fuze in December which will cost around $40 plus shipping charges. The adapter of iPhone 7 has been built directly into the case. It restores the 3.5 mm headphone jack and holds an extended battery pack which is aimed for protection of phone in case it is dropped.

The extra pack of battery will help provide power up to eight hours. Right now $78,672 USD raised by 1120 backers and the founder of this case wants to raise over $50,000 in the next month for Fuze to be spent on its testing, prototyping, and shipping so that it can be made available around Christmastime.

Although risks are involved in this process and the biggest fear for the founders is that Fuze may not be shipped on its predicted date. But as they have no particular deadline to meet so they are pretty sure to deliver the most awaited case for iPhone and iPhone 7 plus on time for their fans.

This idea of Apple is getting an encouraging feedback from analyst as well as latest gadget and software lovers.