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Technology’s transformative opportunities have made small companies an important part of the business world. Many of the small scale businesses have turned into leading brands due to their adoption of the innovative technology. Small businesses always search for the tools that can make their work more efficient and quick. For that reason, Microsoft has introduced a free tool for businesses to provide them with real-time audio and HD video conferencing for meetings.

Skype Meetings is an online business tool that includes features such as the ability to share screens and content during meetings along with audio and video conferencing. For the first 60 days, Skype Meetings gives users the opportunity to set up calls for up to 10 people but after that it limits the call to only three individuals. This tool allows you to easily set up meetings by sharing a personalized URL that participants can click to join the meeting.

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Microsoft’s videoconferencing feature which is available with Office 360 business subscription that include Skype for Business give you more richer online capabilities for meetings. You can conduct large meetings even up to 250 people and IM anyone at any time. To completely engage the participants during a meeting and to make it more productive, Skype Meetings allows features such as instant messaging, sharing of the screen on PowerPoint presentation, use of the virtual laser pointer and whiteboard. Just like the authority of a teacher in the classroom, this tool also provides some “professional meeting controls” to the meeting organizer. In order to be heard clearly, he/she have a complete control to mute the audience whenever required.

This tool is available to anyone who is living in US with a business email address and whose organization still does not have Office 360. With an internet browser, a microphone, speaker and camera, they can sign up for free Skype meetings for free.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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