Forgiveness can free your mind and soul

By holding on to pain and resentment, you suffer more. It is because the sorrow is intensified to keep it alive. For most of the people, the meaning of forgiveness is just to forget. But the actual motive of forgiveness is preserved in self-forgiveness and the role that you play in co-creating the circumstances.

Forgiveness compels you to let go of hatred that lies inside you and creates negativity. Discovered by some of the leading doctors of the past decades, there is a strong link between negativity and illness and this is obviously caused by the toxic and destructive emotions. So it should be understood that forgiveness is not at all for any other person’s benefit, it isyou’re your own good.

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The unconditional forgiveness helps you enter the present and future with a freed mind. Following are the ways that forgiveness can free your mind and soul:

It allows you to think in a better way:

When you forgive someone who has wronged you at some time in life, it gives you a better perspective of why the other person reacted that way. You just need to understand that what the other person has been feeling and experiencing to do something wrong with you.

It brings compassion:

Forgiveness makes you more compassionate and make you more concerned about the sufferings and misfortunes of others. Forgiveness compels you to bring out true compassion for the people who are homeless, hungry, and unwanted. This frees you to give your heart to relieve others from their suffering.

To let go of the past:

Keeping a grudge makes you suffer from anxiety and frustration. But through forgiveness, you free yourself from the bondage of the past pain and rewire your emotional chemistry. Your mind does not replay the painful message you have been carrying for years. Once you let go of the past, your mind, body, and spirit can finally be in unison.

You feel relaxed:

Once you let go of the past and have compassion for others, your mind calms down and helps your nerves to relax. Along with that, forgiveness has a myriad of physical benefits. This frees your physical body from the propensity to develop any kind of severe illness or disease.

It gives you inner strength:

When you keep hatred for someone in your heart, it brings harm to you more than anyone else. But once you forgive people, it helps you to develop your strength of character and to realize that you are human too and can make mistakes.

It helps to create resilience:

The act of forgiveness helps to pave your path to resilience and a happy life. This gets translated into your ability to move through most of your life’s challenges and difficulties. You not only become capable of creating better relationships but also optimize your own well-being.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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