Finally an App store just for kids only

Kids’ interaction with technology is evolving rapidly. Every day there are new devices that can capture and respond flawlessly to their activities. With the introduction of internet of things (IoT), houses around the world are filled with connected devices. All such objects are redefining how young learners can interact and play. It’s every parents dream to find ways for kids to learn and have fun in a safe and secure way.

Toymail which is a startup for internet of things has been creating plush toys for younger kids. It has created playful alternatives to a mobile phone to be used by kids. And now it has brought more advancement to its toys by launching an app store.

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This startup company follows the idea of bringing communications technology within the reach of younger children without giving them a chance to fix their eyes on digital screens. One of its toys named Talkies looks more like a teddy bear than a mobile phone. It does not have any buttons to tap one or any contact lists for kids to go over. But it allows parents to send messages to kids’Talkies through a companion of Toymail app on their smartphones. With the launch of an exclusive app store Toymail Cloud, parents can now load additional functionality onto the toys.

Up till now, the apps available include an app named as Sleepie which allowed parents to send soothing bedtime sounds for helping a kid go to sleep. Another one named as Voicie was used to add fun voice filtering to the toy. Now, a handful of apps has been built by Talkies and are available for free. But there might be some third party branded apps to launch paid app content in the coming days. It might open up an additional app based revenue stream for the hardware startup with the help of appropriate commercial links.

The Talkies’ app store was expected to be launched last year but it faced some delays in the process. According to the founder and CEO Gauri Nanda, the company took some time to understand from the response of the customers’ feedback on the apps. It helped to focus their attention on the actual needs of its customers. The two previously launched apps received overwhelming response from users.

The trajectory for academic life is established in the primary years. It is a time when children develop new habits for learning and social development. Use of machine learning tools for creating toys is a good initiative to help children progress in their learning activities.

Via: Tech Crunch

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