Facebook’s tool for distributing Adobe’s Creative Cloud to employees

At Facebook, the enterprise engineering organization is responsible for managing almost 30,000 computers along with 40,000 mobile devices. The company’s client platform engineer Nick MsSpadden the IT organization at Facebook isn’t called IT; instead, it is referred to as the enterprise engineering organization. For Facebook, it is more than just pushing buttons on a vendor product. The company recently has opened sourced one of its internal IT management services for allowing its users to access the products in Adobe’s creative cloud.

According to McSpadden, after getting a certain size there aren’t a lot of turnkey solutions that can be bought from vendors. He argues that solutions build by the vendors for mainstream use cases are always the edge cases which can easily drain out an IT team’s productivity. But at a company’s scale such as Facebook’s, the team has planned for open sourcing the Adobe-centric tools. This is because it has such a wide range of audience. This will allow the enterprise organizations to add new accounts for their Adobe Subscription, provide an access to specific users on certain tools and to take off the access when it is required.

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The Adobe itself is excited on seeing this new tool becoming open source. McSpadden says that there is nothing Facebook-specific regarding the code, the company does not want to create things that just work the way Facebook works. Instead, Facebook is interested in making it possible for everyone to learn how to think out of the box. The code is available on GitHub and Facebook seems to be very much interested in accepting the contributions from outside.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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