Facebook now adds private chat in Live videos

Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive. But sometimes it becomes a myriad of absurd comments. But now Facebook is making it a lot easier by allowing its users to have a private conversation during a Facebook’s live videos. The platform enables users to watch live videos privately with their friends. This new feature is available for public live broadcasts and the users will always have the option to share their own private videos with their friends privately.

This new feature is named as Live Chat which keeps users away from the hassle of sifting through numerous comments. The addition has been brought as according to Facebook, people comment on the live videos ten times greater than the regular ones. This will allow users to enjoy watching videos in harmony with few of the people they like. It even allows users to invite friends who they think might be interested in watching.

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In the meantime, Facebook’s another feature known as Live With which enables a user to invite a friend into their stream. For inviting someone, a user will have to pick a guest from the Live Viewers section. This can be joined either in a picture-in-picture window or in a side-by-side frame.

For now, Live Chat with Friends is being tested in several countries on mobile platforms and will be rolled out soon. However, Live With is available on iOS for all profiles as well as pages.

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