Facebook Kills SnapChat like App Lifestage

Last year Facebook had introduced a SnapChat’s like feature for the high school kids. This app was created to help teens find and connect with their class mates of their institutions. This app was to be used instead of direct messaging and included sharing of videos and selfies with their entire list of class mates.

This app known as Lifestage has been slayed down by Facebook recently. On August 4, Lifestage was taken off from the App Store. The app has not received any updates for months and never managed to gain much popularity during its operating time.

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This app was helpful in a way as it blocked people above the age of 21 upon reaching high school kids. But then the possibility arose of anyone creating an account with fake age limit pretending to be younger. According to the company itself, the app was originally created to help teens to connect with other kids at their school by sharing a video profile of content for all other things that make up their identity. By running Lifestage, the company has learned that teenagers make up an important portion of their online community. The lessons learned from Lifestage are going to be implemented in the features expected to be created in future.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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