Facebook introduces new ‘Watch’ tab for original video content

For Facebook users, a new video platform has been introduced named as Watch. With the help of this new feature, the original video content will get a new home at Facebook. This is a continuation of the video push that was launched by the social network last year. It will be available on mobile, desktop, and also on the Facebook’s TV apps.

According to Daniel Danker who is the director of products at Facebook, videos are revealed through friends and are helpful in bringing different communities on the same platform. With the increasing number of users on the platform, the social network has discovered that users want a dedicated place for watching their favorite videos. Because of these videos, users like to spend more time on the platform.

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We’re entering a “golden age for live video.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s new Watch feature is going to be personalized and will recommend new shows to users including both live and recorded ones. These shows will be suggested based on eth videos that are being watched by the friends and communities they have joined. A watch list will be provided to users in order to keep track of the programs. The kind of programs Facebook plans to present includes videos by Gabby Bernstein, who is a motivational speaker and answers fans questions. It may also include a cooking show named as Tastemade’s Kitchen Little. This will help provide instructions to kids who are interested in the art of cooking. Moreover, a major league baseball game is also expected to become part of the programs and will be presented every week.

Initially, this feature will be available to a few numbers of users but Facebook plans to roll out to the entire audience in a short period of time.

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