End to Six-Strikes: The anti-piracy initiative

Working for more than three years now, the copyright alert system Six-Strikes has ended now. For public, the systems impacts were hardly ever noticed. The system failed to benefit the audience the way it was envisioned. Almost five years ago the MPAA and RIAA collaborated with various service providers in order to shift the norms and behavior of BitTorrent pirates.

According to this system, an agreement was mutually signed to warn the internet account holders if their connections are used to download any pirated content. Repressive measures were considered to be taken after five or six warnings of ISPs were sent to users which included bandwidth throttling and temporary internet disconnections.

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An active witch hunt was feared by people as soon as the initiative was announced. But as several years have passed after it was introduced it seems that the much praised copyright alert system had never existed. That’s because the plagiarizers kept on doing what they did best. The system failed to stop them from downloading music, movies, and software. According to the MPAA attorney Steven Fabrizio the system did managed to stop many users from operating illegally but the remaining users remained unfazed by the warnings and alerts. Despite the threats of disconnections to the person’s internet connection, pirates operated as usual.

Fabrizio states that it seems the system was not as refined as it had to be in order to deal with the hardcore repeat infringer issues. With the passage of time the picture seems to be getting grimmer and therefore the system’s termination is not coming as a big surprise. The authorities are also not hinting in the direction of any improved version for the system therefore it is safe to say that the anti-piracy initiative Six Strikes will no longer be operating in future.

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