Developers can now build container-based applications through Microsoft “DRAFT”

A new open source tool has been announced by Microsoft for enabling developers to streamline the process of developing a container-based application. These are the applications that are meant to run on Kubernetes clusters.

The basic theme behind the launch of Microsoft’s tool named Draft is to enable developers to work on their applications without having the knowledge regarding Docker and Kubernetes. Moreover, in order to get started, they don’t even require having any of those tools installed.

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The Dies container platform was acquired by Microsoft which marks the first release of this acquisition. This platform was used to make containers that were easier for developers to use along with launching various open-source tools such as WorkFlow, Helm, and Steward. The new tool that has been introduced builds up on some of the previous Deis works.

According to the tool’s creating team, the inner-loop of a developer’s workflow is targeted by Draft whereas code is written by developers before they make any changes to version control. With the help of Draft, developers can use a single command in order create the so-called Draft-Pack. This tool will automatically detect what code was written and then develops the pack by writing the detection script. This is a Docker file and Kubernetes Helm chart into the source tree. This is from where it will become easy to integrate the code along with existing continuous integration pipelines.

With the help of an extra command, developers will be able to work on their applications in the vicinity. The code will automatically be shipped to any of the Kubernetes development clusters. It will allow developers to locally edit the code and have it running in the cloud where all of their app’s production dependencies can be retrieved.

Via: Tech Crunch

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