Cross-app notifications uniting Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram

We all know that platforms like Instagram and Messenger that have users running into billions are all part of the Facebook family. But the company now seems to be stressing on this point by bringing cross-app notifications to all of its platforms.

Currently, a feature is being tested by Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram that shows notification counters from the other apps and allows users to instant switch in-between. The appearing notifications will be a constant reminder to the users that there is something to see in other apps as well. This will be really helpful in increasing the engagement across all apps. But if users miss or dismiss an alert when they initially receive it, they will see red number lingering in the corner.

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This might annoy some users as it will exploit people’s anxiety about the unchecked messages. Compelling them for doing something might make them hate this feature. According to Mari Smith, a social media analyst, this feature is being conducted to make it easier for users to discover and connect with friends and family. The company has been trying to find ways for people to switch easily between the messenger Facebook, and Instagram.

This icon appears in the upper corners of the apps and displays a sum of the pending notifications from all the other apps. When these are opened, users see their accounts on the three services with a red jewel signifying unread alerts in the apps. They can then switch between with a tap.

Of course, Facebook’s aim is pretty clear as it wants to keep users moving back and forth between its own app ecosystems so that it can boost its app family’s activity.

Via: Tech Crunch

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