Create a life that you have dreamt of by following these habits

Every human has hierarchical needs in life and most people do get them. But at the end of the day, most people live in auto-pilot as they think they have no control over what is happening. The aspects of life that actually make you feel alive, sometimes appear missing. The things that give you a reason to wake up every morning, live life with an intention, and accomplish something bigger than your own self, seems blurred.

If you want to fill your life with happiness and abundance, then you will have to create a life that you have dreamt of by following certain habits.

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1. See the positive aspects:

When a troubling situation occurs, it is human nature to focus on whatever the wrong is happening. Instead, focus on the positive aspects that still exists in that difficult situation. When you will do that intentionally, your brain will automatically blur the negatives and will make you happier.

2. Smile intentionally:

One of the things that keep people unhappy in their life is that they forget to smile. When you smile intentionally, your brain triggers chemicals into your body that makes you feel better. Smiling at other people make other people feel good about you and you live a much better life.

3. Try something new:

A routine life makes your brain dull so always keep on trying something new. If you eat the same kind of food, then ditch it someday, and eat something you really like.

4. Become your own best friend:

You feel sad because most of the time you need someone to cheer you up and listen to your inner feelings. But if you become your own best friend, you don’t need anyone to depend on for this. React to your actions as you would react to the actions of one of your best friends, you will see how happy it makes you.

5. Learn to forgive:

There are many times in life where people do wrong you. But if your keep on that in your heart for long, it will hurt you more. So learn to forgive the people who behaved badly or did something wrong with you in life. Forgive them and you will feel much lighter and satisfied.

6. Stay away from the filler-activities:

In life, you should not indulge in filler-activities to pass your time. Instead, spend your time on something that gives you inner satisfaction. Learn something new or indulge in hobbies that can give you joy.

7. Give happiness to someone:

When you want to feel better then you must focus on making someone else happy. The satisfaction of making someone’s day by giving them gifts or helping them when they need help, will give you happiness that is beyond your expectations.

Via: Bornrealist

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