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    Mom sued by a Spanish teen for confiscation of his phone

    Banning access to electronic devices has become a daily routine by parents for the intolerable behavior of their children. For kids at their teenage, it is even harder to put restrictions as they find endless possibilities for freeing them. Nowadays the only way to get children’s attention is to cut them off from their devices. […]

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    Emirates want Jennifer Aniston to take the shot this time

    The US ban on the use of larger electronic devices on board US-bound flights may come as a shock to many but it seems Emirates Airline is handling it with a slick new advert. Within hours of US ban on allowing passengers from Middle Eastern and North African countries, the company has attempted to turn […]

  • iPhone 7 Red

    The new red iPhone by Apple

    Apple Store took down its online store with a promise to its users to be back with a surprise. Recently, it unveiled its surprise with a new iPhone along with an upgraded iPad. The homepage has been updated by the company by incorporating new images of the revamped edition of the iPhones Interestingly, the revamped […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8 will be costing more than iPhone 7

    With a torrent of leaks around the upcoming flagship smartphone, we now know most of the details regarding the Galaxy S8. The device is supposed to be launching this month so there is not much to time to know what the upcoming handset actually has to offer. Even with the launch day approaching, rumors about […]

  • Future HVAC Industry

    Upcoming Future Trends in the HVAC Industry

    When you think about the HVAC industry, you should think about one thing: innovation. There are constant changes and innovations happening within the industry that are super interesting and have big impacts on society. If you think about it, central air conditioning systems have not been the norm of the world until the past few […]


    Track your Wallet and get notified when Stolen

    Chased back to the days of early Greeks, the world did not begin calling them wallets. Wallets did not shrink quickly, they became pouches of smaller leather containers, but it wasn’t until the middle of 20th century that wallets began to resemble today’s version. Much innovation couldn’t be brought to wallets as it was basically […]

  • Apple iPhone 8

    iPhone 8 will cause drop in Samsung’s sales, says a report

    If iPhone 8 rumors are accurate, the next flagship device by Apple will deliver a setback to the Samsung’s new device. The recent forecasts suggest that Samsung might face a drop in sales of its Galaxy S8 due to Apple’s iPhone 8. Millions of Galaxy fans are impatiently waiting for the launch of Galaxy S8 […]

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    Microsoft’s take on Slack

    After the dramatic rise of Slack, Microsoft has been planning to provide users a much better option. It recently announced its communication platform Team in order to rival the Slack service. The service by Microsoft comes with great additional features including mobile audio calls as well as video calls on Android. iOS and Windows mobile […]

  • Google pay via gmail

    Now you send money from Gmail on Android

    Throughout history, people have been relying on some sort of payment systems in order to purchase various goods and services. It started with barter system where people used livestock, moved to gold, the gold-backed dollar, credit cards, US dollars and evolved into electronic payments. There has always been a consistent theme as humans have always […]

  • Venture App

    VentureApp wants to be WhatsApp, secures $4M funding

    VentureApp is aimed at making business messaging easier. To provide for user’s professional and business needs, this app wants to serve as an online and mobile chat hub. Up till now, $4 million of funding is led by Accomplice along with investment from Full stack Ventures, Boston Seed Capital. The company previously started for focusing […]

  • How to Choose the Apple iPhone

    Apple’s devices are hard to repair

    Apple has become one of the World’s largest and undoubtedly the best-known consumer electronics company. But in recent years, this leading company has attracted a lot of criticism for making devices that are extremely complicated to be repaired to be recycled. It’s like fighting Apple every step on the way to and it is doing […]

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    Facebook SnapChat Clones knows no limits

    What does 2017 hold for your online life? No matter old you are, it probably will involve Facebook a lot. The social networking giant has created a number of features and services have made it close in on two billion registered users. This is an unprecedented success that the company has achieved. That’s only because […]

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