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  • Now you send money from Gmail on Android

    Android Pay expanding to new markets

    Android Pay is Google’s answer to the existing mobile payment technologies such as Apple Pay. It has been working in partnership with a handful of banks from around the world who have integrated this service into their own apps. It has enabled customers of the participating banks to manage their bank card choices through the […]

  • Google Assistant iPhone

    Hey Siri, Yes the Google Assistant gets its place on the iPhone

    You read it correctly, the Google Assistant gets a place on Apple’s iPhone to take on Siri. It was announced at Google I/O that Apple will roll out an app exclusively designed for iOS to cater the needs of the users with certain limitations. Starting today, we’re bringing the #GoogleAssistant to iPhones. Whether at home […]

  • Compare Cell Phone Specs - Features

    Smart replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

    Reading emails is pretty easy while you are on the go, but it takes an effort to respond to every one of the emails. Google has an update if you are going through this type of situation. The company has introduced Smart Reply. This is a feature that creates automated responses based on email content […]

  • Alexa Developers -

    Get Opt-in Notifications with Amazon’s Alexa

    It’s been quiet long that we have become used to talking to our technology. Six years ago, Apple launched its digital assistant Siri and then there started a trend of voice-controlled gadgets. Now the industry experts are hoping to get more comfortable as Amazon is bossing around tech. With this new feature, Amazon’s Alexa is […]

  • mac-apple

    10.5-inch iPad Pro coming next month

    It’s a fact that tablets don’t upgrade very quickly, but it looks like Apple is looking to rekindle consumers’ relation with iPads by soon releasing its latest redesigned tablet. According to recent reports, Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available next months. According to an authorized retailer’s stock system shared that for iPad 10.5-inch, the […]

  • mp3 is dead

    Most used media extension MP3 is officially dead

    MP3 is close to getting an official death warrant in the tech world. In the 1990s, MP3 created a music-ripping subculture in middle schools as well as high schools. Vast collections of digital albums were amassed by people and were sometimes shared illegally online. The German foundation that owns the patent rights to the MP3 […]

  • whatsapp

    Fake WhatsApp URL installing Adware

    Thanks to people clicking on shady links, the massive Google Docs hack previously spread like wildfire. After that, a ransom ware attack tore around the world for the same purpose. And now, someone is screwing up with WhatsApp. This time someone is trying to get WhatsApp users click on a fake link that leads them […]

  • apple

    Apple’s Siri could work in noisy environments, Patent report

    For ages, scientists and fiction writers worked on personal assistants. The mechanical machine that walked and talked like a glorified butler was an anthropomorphic. The evolution of digital era moved us away from that original version towards something that is more ephemeral. Now a fancy animation on a screen accompanied by a synthesized voice waits […]

  • applewatch

    Apple’s watch can detect and warn you about abnormal heart rhythm

    Apple watch is not just for fitness, it is proving itself to be a useful tool for monitoring serious medical conditions as well. According to the company’s original research, Apple watch can be used to detect abnormal heart rhythm. When paired with the AI-based algorithm, it was revealed that the Apple watch is 97% accurate […]

  • Online School

    4 Things to Consider Before Switching to Virtual Schooling

    With the rise of the Internet and the incredible technology now at our fingertips, many parents are having to make a decision that their parents didn’t even think would be possible. Do your children even have to go to a physical school in order to get a high-quality education? You see, back in the day, […]

  • snapchat

    New creative tools by SnapChat

    Due to heavy reliance on millennial, maintaining a high engagement level is extremely challenging for a company such as SnapChat. Among all the companies that had early leads while entering the competitive arena, SnapChat is considered one of the early adopters as well as trendsetters. After every short period of time, the company launches major […]

  • iphone 8

    iPhone 8 may not be arriving until next year

    Circulating rumors have been indicating for delays in the launch of Apple’s flagship device. The smartphone was considered to be launched in September which is the time when Apple usually announces its iPhones. But the news came that the launch of iPhone 8 has been delayed until November. The delay was indicated to be due […]

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