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  • mobile battery

    Battery with an inbuilt fire extinguisher is developed

    A lithium-ion battery containing a fire extinguishing material has been designed by researchers in case the battery gets overheated. Inside a shell sits a flame retardant triphenyl phosphate (TPP) with in the electrolyte fluid. When the temperatures increase to 150C (302F), the shell dissolves and releases a chemical compound. Experiments showed that the battery fires […]

  • mark-zuckerberg

    Facebook plans to invest more than $3 billion in VR

    VR revolution is considered to have accelerated the world of AR and VR. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now looking forward to boot up its platform by bringing VR revolution. He is considering virtual reality as a future computing platform that his company can possibly own. He is completely aware of the fact that it’s […]

  • samsung-galaxy-s7

    Samsung all set to reveal the causes for Galaxy Note 7 explosions

    Less than one week after the launch, reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions started surfacing the entire market. The company initially blamed the defective batteries manufactured by its Chinese supplier but on September 2, the company announced a global recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 models with a promise to replace the devices. During […]

  • whatsApp

    WhatsApp for Android lets you search and send Giphy GIFs

    Addition of support for GIFs to the messaging app on Android came late for WhatsApp. Not only that, the platform required users to bring their own animations to the party. But now, that all is going for an alteration. The beta version v2.17.6 involves a feature that allows the users to search and send GIFs […]


    Good News, Samsung may not be killing the Galaxy S8’s headphone jack

    Despite the Company’s fiery fall from grace due to Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone’s legacy isn’t over yet. There is a lot to look forward to its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. A lot has ridden upon the news of Korean manufacturing giant’s next phone. The prevailing rumors have convinced the buyers to believe that the […]

  • china

    China demands local app stores to register with authorities

    China is a country considered to have the world’s most advanced internet censorship and surveillance regime. The country might not be following the perfect regime to control the internet but it is good enough as compared to what most political leaders around the world can only dream of. Its so-called great Firewall along with an […]

  • Samsung foldable phone

    Samsung unveiling a foldable phone that turns into a tablet

    Samsung’s long speculated revolutionary bendable handset is up for the release in the midst of news for its upcoming Galaxy S8 during the past few weeks. The company will be introducing a smartphone with an outward facing panel that will fold out into a 7-inch tablet. The launch is expected to be in the second […]

  • hacker-photo

    Adobe’s voice commands to edit photos

    In a concept video recently released by Adobe shows an iPad user making simple edits to his images by delivering voice commands. The technology shown in the video gives the impression that all such actions can be performed faster by using touchscreen. It is because the voice-based system by Adobe should either be refined for […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 14.06.17

    Samsung leak might be the first glimpse at the Galaxy S8

    With the approaching Mobile World Congress, the news regarding the release of Galaxy S8 handset is starting to gain momentum. A leaked photo of the handset obtained by GSMARENA shows the upcoming Galaxy S8. Considering the previous speculations, the phone appears to lack the home button and has a curved screen with a very small […]

  • screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-16-17-26

    Three new iPads by Apple to debut

    Apple’s idea of experimenting with technology has not come to a halt yet. Right now it is working on its new iPad models which are expected to be launched soon. This time it is not just one iPad, the company will be launching three iPads involving a 12.9-inch, 10-10.5-inch, and 9.7-inch models. The reports obtained […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8’s debut before the official launch

    The launch of Galaxy S8 earlier than expected is good news for the brand’s admirers. According to “The Investor“, Reports state that Samsung is thinking of releasing a limited batch of its latest handset even before the official launch. The smartphone is expected to be shipped as early as February or March. The news of […]

  • nokia

    New AI assistant Viki for Nokia

    Nokia has not just reentered the smartphone market; the latest versions of its phones reflect the brands intentions to create more than just basic models. Nokia has recently indicated on creating its own artificial intelligence assistant Viki. Reports state that the actual company Nokia has filed a trademark request with the European Union for the […]

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