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  • Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.37.53

    Atari shares the first photos of the console in an email to fans

    Atari has recently shared the initial images of its new console. In an email to fans, Atari has also shared some of the features the new console will be having. Apparently, the console looks really impressive. The wood paneling and ribbed top truly indicate the Atari’s aesthetics. The shape and branding of the new console […]

  • htc

    HTC’s phone keyboard is displaying ads to users and it is annoying

    It’s the case of free apps that voluntarily put your phone for ads. The big issue is that phone owners are delivered with ads without warning which creates an irritable situation for the, recently, HTC owners seem to be dealing with the same kind of problem. On some of the HTC devices, an updated TouchPal […]

  • microsoft seeing ai

    Microsoft creates new iPhone App for the blind people

    According to an estimated survey, 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide. Since the early 1990s, the visual impairment has decreased. But this is a disability that still effects so many people today. There is also the wide range of opportunities offered by information technology to the blind individuals and computer today is being used […]

  • iphone 8

    Features of Apple’s iPhone 8, an insight

    Apple’s iPhone 8 is one of the most awaited phones of 2017. A lot of features are expected to become a part of the 10th anniversary device that is continuously being buzzed around. For people who have not been able to review how many premium features this device will include, following are the few features […]

  • fb ads

    Facebook Messenger ads must be destroyed, they are annoying.

    The ads on the Facebook messenger are known to take the half of the screen when users try to use the service. Recently, the social media giant has redesigned them as part of a larger rollout. But the company has yet failed to fix some of the reasons that these advertisements are not good and […]

  • whatsapp

    Now You Can Share Any Type of File on WhatsApp

    With over more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the 1st preferred choice for instant messaging, file sharing all over the world. Previously, users could only share pictures, videos, audio messages, PDF and Word documents but in the latest release all major file formats are allowed for sharing. Now users will be able to […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 19.12.59

    LG’s bezel-less display

    LG seems to getting this year off to an exciting start by bringing its bezel-less display to a much smaller and affordable Q6. This bezel-less smartphone is expected to be brought to a mid-ranged Q6 handset. This is going to be a completely new handset with a similar display which will be a bit smaller […]

  • apple

    Apple is working hard to get the bugs fixed ahead of the launch

    Apple seems to be experiencing somewhat of a hiccup before the launch of its iPhone 8. The company is beginning to put an extreme focus on trying to fix the software bug that seems to be affecting the upcoming flagship device. According to reports, several issues have occurred before the launch that seems to be […]

  • Samsung S8

    Design process behind Galaxy S8

    After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, the company wants to share the process that has resulted in the creation of this beautiful design handset. The company’s team that is behind the design of Galaxy S8 has offered an insider view that explains the process of the handset’s almost bezel-less infinity Display. According to Samsung, […]

  • instagram-reply

    Reply on Instagram with photos and video

    Recently, Instagram has brought an update to its platform. The Stories feature has been upgraded with the ability for users to reply to stories with their photos and videos. This will allow the users to use all the creative tools that have been offered by Instagram including filters, Boomerang, stickers, and rewind, this will be […]

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