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    WhatsApp and Facebook named as TOP used social media in UAE

    According to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, WhatsApp messaging service is used by 97% of UAE population. This is an amazing figure which is by far the highest in any country. The next most popular is Facebook at 89%. Almost 73% of population uses Youtube. 27% of population used Snapchat and 16% use Linked-in making […]

  • amazon

    Amazon’s Chime video conferencing and communications service for Businesses

    The globalized environment today has made relationships in businesses important more than ever. The relationship with business partners, suppliers, investors, and customers need to be strong for a success in business. With today’s advancements in technology, no longer does travel have to be essential to maintain these relationships. The sophisticated technology has provided video experiences […]

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    Flying Drone Taxis in Dubai

    Imagine travelling from your home to work that would normally occupy the better parts of two hours-in only 15 minutes. What if you could save the four hour round-trip of your every day? Or imagine reducing your hourly commute into a matter of minutes. It’s very common for people around the world to waste long […]

  • College Management Software

    10 Basic Features of College Management Software

    The world is a much more digital place than it was a couple of decades ago. And the education world is no exception to that. Our schools are in an incredible wave of change thanks to the introduction of various technologies in both the classroom and the management of the classroom. That’s why many colleges […]

  • Digital Bridge

    Try home Décor products online before purchasing with this website

    When consumers fail to visualize how a product will look in their home, they experience an imagination gap. The online retail market is being hindered by this phenomenon that causes many consumers to put off buying products for their home. But the new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality platforms are creating great potential […]

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    Newly designed processor by Apple for low power tasks

    Apple is the tech company that has been producing its own processors since long. For its iPhones and iPads it uses the in-house developed A-series SoCs. And for its laptops and desktops it has been largely relying on Intel’s offerings for the past few years. The company has now focused its attention towards the creation […]

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    Edit or delete your messages on WhatsApp

    Till now, there was no official way to recall a sent message. But WhatsApp has brought a long-awaited feature to its platform i.e. the ability to delete the sent messages. There is no need to morn over if you have accidentally sent a wrong message to someone you didn’t wanted to. WhatsApp has been testing […]

  • Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

    Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

    Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order and strongly opposing of Trump’s immigration ban. The company is concerned about its employees and now asking from Donald Trump’s administration for immediate exemption for employees who are lawful visa holders but are being affected by the new policy. The Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith and Microsoft’s President […]

  • iPhone 8

    iPhone’s 8 home button reimagined

    For 2017, Apple has a major iPhone redesign planned. With abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features of iPhone 8, it seems the company has ambitious plans for the upcoming device. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the company is expected to do something big to celebrate the occasion. It’s […]

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    Trump’s immigration policy not supported by Ford

    Barring people of seven Muslim-majority nations to enter US, Trump’s signed orders have created havoc among many countries. Donald Trump’s immigration order is not very well received by the leading companies. Among the protests of all the leading tech giants in Silicon Valley, automakers were silent on the issue up till now. Recently Ford CEO […]

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    iPhone sales breaking records again

    Apple, the biggest seller for iPhones was expected to see an uptick in sales for this quarter. Thanks to long-awaited results of its personal computing division, it is a big relief regarding the revenue records for iPhones. The company is considered to be on the right track now as the latest reports of the financial […]

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