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  • UET Taxila Signs MOU With Open Source Foundation Pakistan.

      Open Source Foundation Pakistan and UET (University of Engineering and Technology Taxila) have signed a MOU to build capacity building in Open Source Technology. It is a three years agreement where OSFP will work on research, collaboration, conferencing and  joint publications related to open source technologies with UET. Saleem Rafik OSFP Chariman delivering a […]

  • 6 Steps to start a small business.

    Small businesses are the driving force for a nation’s economy. They have the tenacity to overcome the hurdles that come in their way. Small businesses can become a wealth-generating machine if they are operated with accurate strategies. Although becoming your own boss seems wonderfully exciting but it isn’t as easy as you think. First a […]

  • Cyphlon

    Introduction: Cyphlon is a Cyber Security startup, one of it’s kind from Pakistan aiming to provide adequate cyber security services to online businesses, we strive to provide services that are cost effective, resource reductive, time reductive and of quality. We do so by means of asset evaluation on case by case basis, and do so […]

  • Get Keyword Ranked – Reliable SEO Services For Your Business

    About: Get Keyword Ranked is the Pakistan SEO company that provides a high quality SEO services that meet our clients requirement and success to get high ranking in search engine. We have an experience and intellectual SEO experts, SEO writers and analyst that take the SEO campaign effectively to the top of search engine results. […]

  • GharBar

    A new and innovative startup by the name of GharBar has recently been launched. Our aims is to integrate the existing real estate trading with a hint of technology. The startup provides a single window portal to fulfill all the real estate needs of it’s clientele. May it be renting, buying or selling houses or […]

  • DigitalDips

    A platform covering every Digital Dip in a country while empowering Startups, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. Aiming to promote every single and struggling startup and entrepreneur that are leading their ways towards success while making their country proud. Visit

  • – Online Handyman Booking Platform

    Sukoon Handymen Services, more popular as, is an online platform for homeowners and businesses to connect with handymen for all home repair and maintenance tasks related to electrical, plumbing, A.C repairs, carpentry, masonry or paint related works. Sukoon’s inception is quite a witty story itself. The co-founders Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair are IoBM […]

  • Impacts of technology on Small business.

      The belief in one’s self encourages a person to pull his/her ability to work on ideas and explore the available opportunities at any cost. This belief has taken many forms of small businesses and has made people self-employed in all parts of the world. Small businesses have become an integral part of the world’s […]


    Pakistan’s very first online store for Pets Accessories with cash on delivery service all over the Pakistan. A startup founded by a veterinarian, Dr. Jawad Ahmad.