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  • Deep sea tourism is a thing to watch out for in the future

    Traveling to the deep sea has been a dream for many and if one has watched a documentary about it, it’s pretty understandable then. Getting an opportunity to take a dive in a submersible can be a memorable experience. But for most people, traveling many feet below the surface of the ocean is nearly impossible. […]

  • Teachify Me

    I am currently a student at the NUST Business School. I started up with my entrepreneurial journey 1.5 years ago at the age of 17 during my A Levels. With the foundation of a Social Enterprise with an aim to provide a free online educational platform to help students studying in O Levels, IGCSE […]

  • Tenderwala Service is an Online Service where we can manage and control the Tenders Notification System. Tenderwala is a service where we take care of tenders Notification which is normally done in newspaper or their company respective websites. As a vendor, you have to subscribe for all major Newspapers like Nation, Jang, Express, Mashriq and then […]

  • Retina VR

      Our mission is to establish virtual tours as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing and reimagining the world.   RetinaVR started up in 2015, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From the beginning we believe Virtual Reality is a phenomenal technology which have the power to revolutionize many industries. Currently we’re […]

  • 2017 will be strong year for Venture Capital

    For 2017, the technology world has high hopes for investors in startups to harvest their gains. Venture capital has been among the most enthusiastic backers for new private companies. Although investors showed reluctance in venture investing in 2016 but now this funding has a good chance of returning. But this funding will make a comeback […]

  • How to Estimate a company’s health

    Companies such as NetSuite, Marketo, LinkedIn, LogMeln, and Fleematics have been merged or acquired for a combine value of $50 billion over the past few months. The Public SaaS companies have become scarce which is being viewed by PE investors and huge tech companies as a sense of opportunity. What separates the selected companies from […]

  • Obama’s interview guarantees big success for this new startup

    Many surprising things emerged during the presidential elections but something really amazing that this race brought in spotlight is a new startup company NowThis. On its own, the company’s election coverage snagged around two billion views making it most popular among the audience. A new startup portfolio company NowThis has started to influence the young […]