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  • facebook

    Facebook is gearing up to launch Stories for pages and brands

    After Stories hit the Instagram and Facebook profile, it seems that Facebook is trying to expand the functionality further to brands and pages by improving the feature. The company has now dedicated a Stories field in the Branded content section of the platform which lies under the Page Insights setting panel. This indicates that the […]

  • hacker

    How to remove malware from your computer

    The potential damage a virus can cause should never be underestimated. It is not easy to get your computer back to work once it has experienced a set back from the virus. But thanks to an array of helpful tools that you can use to get your computer back on track. With the advancements in […]

  • facebook

    Facebook refuses ID demands by Pakistan

    Previously Pakistan had made a request to the social networking platform Facebook to link new accounts of its users to its main servers to users’ mobile phone numbers. This request was made in order to deal with the issue of fake accounts that are responsible for spreading hate material online. Last week, the social network […]

  • youtube

    YouTube adds video preview thumbnails on the web version

    It’s never too late to make things right, YouTube has followed the footsteps of other video content websites like Daily Motion, Vimeo. World’s biggest video website rolls out the thumbnail preview feature so users can see the content of the video. The feature is currently available only on Google Chrome and is also dependent on […]

  • messenger-lite

    Facebook’s LITE version of Messenger is introduced in India today

    Ten months ago, we reported that Facebook has launched LITE version of messenger. Today it is introduced in India after being introduced in 100 countries. The Messenger Lite version is actually the small version of actual messenger with less buttons, emojis, voice and video facility. Also See: Facebook Messenger Lite For people with low internet band-with and low […]

  • amazon

    Amazon wants to create its own messaging app called Anytime

    Anytime is a messaging app that is expected to be launched by Amazon, reported by AFTV News. This is the messaging app Amazon has been working on for quite some time now. The retail giant has reportedly started to survey its customers for potential features of the new app. The Anytime messaging app is expected […]

  • google radio

    Google’s New Release Radio is available for everyone now

    Google’s new Release radio is a station on Play Music that provides users with a new selection of songs frequently. This list is based on a user’s listening history of songs. The Release radio has now been officially announced now whereas it was originally available only for Samsung user. This feature according to Google was […]

  • snapchat facial recognition technology

    SnapChat’s powerful facial recognition is a very robust technology

    Teaching facial imagery to a machine for recognizing an individual person is no less than a feast. Facial recognition software is something that tags people in photos and recognizes the individuals. Many social media platforms have already applied facial recognition technology to their platforms including Facebook and SnapChat. The famous selfie filters of SnapChat work […]

  • hacker

    Verizon data from 6 million users breached online

    The recent data breach of Verizon affected millions of customer accounts. It happened due to the carelessness of the employee at Nice Systems who left the data open on an unsecured Amazon server. The employee placed the information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow an external access. This incident […]

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