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  • twitter2_3375790k

    Popular articles displayed by Twitter

    Twitter seems to be recognizing why the third-party tools take off therefore the company is borrowing what works and is offering it to more of its users. Recently Twitter has launched a news aggregation tool named as Popular Articles. This Popular Article feature collects the most shared stories by people in user’s network. This feature […]

  • google

    Google’s new iOS search app

    Google has rolled out a new feature for its Search app on iOS which will give users a deep understanding of the topic they are reading. This is the feature that provides users even more of an excuse to stay longer on the app instead of using their web browser for searching related topics. The […]

  • iphone

    5 Best apps for video calling

    We may not realize it but we actually are living in the future, this is the future we saw in movies 2 decades back. With the passage of time video calling has become much easier and is being used pretty much by everyone. The apps for these video calls have also become smarter. There is […]

  • snapchat

    SnapChat new augmented reality feature brings Bitmoji to the real world

    SnapChat has no doubt given rise to a trend of selfies but now, the platform seems to be revamping the whole game. Snap gave rise to the augmented reality features which have grown in popularity now. It was the first one to launch major consumer apps. Its’ after SnapChat that platforms like Facebook and Instagram […]

  • ez – A new payments app by Google

    Tez by Google is a Payment App for India

    Google has recently introduced its mobile payments in Asia named as Tez. This is a mobile wallet that has been launched in Asia for allowing users to link up their phones to their bank accounts. This will be a great help as this can be used for online payments and for person to person transfer […]

  • google-maps

    Video reviews is coming on Google Maps

    With Google Maps, it was only possible to upload just the still images. But now, Google has recently introduced video in parts of its mapping service and is currently testing it on its users belonging to the company’s local guides program. According to this feature, users will be able to shoot a ten-second videos right […]

  • Hot

    Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 08.44.38 completes 20 years. Here is how it looked from start till now was registered 20 years ago on 15th September. Google has seen 2 decades of success and is still growing while majority of it’s top competitors have faded out and few have sadly gone out of business. Happy domain-iversary! Celebrating 20 years since we registered with a whooole lot of o’s. — Google (@Google) […]

  • snooze1

    Facebook’s new ‘Snooze’ button temporarily hides others in your feed

    There are many friends and pages on Facebook who keep us reminding that we are living an extremely boring life. Friends keep on posting their vacation photos as their life is all about enjoying trips whereas the business pages give the impression that there is nothing more important in the world except to attend their […]

  • instagram_stories

    Share Stories on Instagram through direct messages

    Since Instagram has introduced Stories to the platform, it has introduced many updates for increasing its usefulness for users. But among all the other tools and instruments, Instagram has long been missing one its most important tools of all, user’s ability to share a story through direct messaging. The ability of Direct Messages has recently […]

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp is testing on deleting unsent messages

    Ever sent a message on WhatsApp and regretted afterwards because there is no ability to delete that message in the App?. You than also went on to Google and searched for “how to delete WhatsApp messages” but sadly there is no help because the feature was never introduced by the company at first place. Well, there […]

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