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  • verizon-yahoo

    Yahoo, Verizon reportedly have reached a new, lower takeover price

    According to Bloomberg, Verizon and Yahoo have reached to new takeover price of US$250 Million. It was early reported that Verizon seeks $1B discount on Yahoo deal after confirmed hacking reports. In October, Yahoo confirmed a huge data breach, hacker selling millions of users data, compromising their personal information. In a filling in January by […]

  • facebook

    Facebook Lite hits 200M users

    For Facebook, staying connected is something that can empower the world. This is the reason that it had introduced Facebook Lite for the developing markets. Launched in 2015, it grew upon 100 million monthly users by March 2016. It remained high on users’ wish lists and is now growing the company’s business as it has […]

  • internet

    Humans are not the only source of traffic on Web

    Human vibes are enough to give us the impression that the internet world belongs to people. It’s a place where people talk, argue, share, and even sell stuff. We assume that all the internet traffic is generated by living individuals on the other side of the power button. In reality this assumption is totally misleading. […]

  • Hot


    Imran Khan: Earning $150 million in two years

    The hiring of a star tech banker named Imran Khan for helping young chief executive Evan Spiegel to justify SnapChat’s parent company Snap Inc. to achieve a multi-billion dollar valuation was the best decision of its time. He is among a handful of executives who helped the startup to raise $25 billion. It’s just over […]

  • donald trump

    Tech companies teaming up against Trump

    Trump’s travel ban has opposed by major tech companies in US. But now all the leading companies have joined hands in order be pitted against the President’s policy. Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and many other tech companies have decided to stand against the ban. The companies are standing in one row because they consider […]

  • facebook-onoff

    Tired of Political news, posts on Facebook?

    Are you one of those who hate political news, posts on your Facebook newsfeed?. There is some good news, now you can filter the politics heavy posts from your News feed. In USA, during elections, millions of searches were done for “Hillary Clinton” or “Donald Trump” on Google and Facebook and same goes for worldwide. In-case […]

  • diversified blogging

    The Art of Diversification for Bloggers

    Blogging is an ever-evolving field. Just like any other profession, the learning doesn’t just stop in blogging. Every single day, bloggers come across new ideas, concepts, and challenges to deal with. Wait. Are you confused about this blog post topic? The art of diversification… Do you think this is boring? Well, blogging doesn’t end on […]

  • facebook

    Facebook’s new App for streaming shows

    Facebook is working hard to increase its earnings by advertising. In order to deliver video to your TV, the social media giant is building an app for set-top boxes. Wall Street journal reports, the platform has been working with the app for several years. The company plans to make it work with devices such as […]

  • google earth

    Google will open-source Google Earth enterprise

    For internal geospatial applications, Google Earth Enterprise was launched for businesses wanting to build and host private versions of Google Earth and Google Map. It was originally launched over 10 years ago. The service was considered to be suspended as the company had declared a shutdown in March 2017 two years ago. But surprisingly Google […]

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