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    Younger users are losing interest in Facebook

    According to latest forecast on social media usage, young people are losing interest in Facebook. Even though Instagram has been able to gather interest of young people in last few years, snapchat still remains the most popular and preferred social media platform for kids. According to eMarketer, this year  less than half of US internet users with […]

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    How to improve your cellular signals?

    The cell phone service is not what it used to be. There are so many people who suffer call drops as well as poor internet issues. With advanced technology we want a lot more than before from cell phones. Mobile lifestyle has evolved from just calls and simple texts to video calls, social media, emails, […]

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    Facebook Tests ‘Downvote’ Button For Some Users

    According to a Daily Beast report, Facebook has been secretly testing a “downvote” button. It is being tested on limited profiles for a limited number of posts. Facebook is testing downvoting comments — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) February 8, 2018 In a statement to Gizmodo, Facebook described the test as limited and clarified that the new “downvote” button […]

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    Here is how the world’s most wanted money launderer was trapped

    The rise of financial markets has made money laundering easier than ever. Almost in every country of the world, the money laundering happens. The schemes typically involve the transfer of money through different countries in making its origins unclear. It is a process where criminals try to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal […]

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    Bitcoin continues to tumble, falls below $6,000

    Bitcoin massacre continuous as a price tumbles below $6,000 for a short period of time. The price stands at $6089.98 at the time of writing this article but may continue to fall more. Bitcoin has shed over $70 billion in a week and that is very disturbing for investors who invested in this cryptocurrency when […]

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    Why Is BitCoin Dropping Like A Rock?

    If you remember i had written an article a month or so ago that the authorities, Wall Street and the financial world mafia will never let BitCoin succeed. I am not talking about the BlockChain technology, BlockChain they can do nothing about. When Chicago Mercantile Exchange created futures on BitCoin, that very moment i wrote […]

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    Man Orders iPhone 8 Online, Gets A Bar of Detergent

    Flipkart is one of the india’s largest online retailer website which was valued around $11.6 billion in April 2017. According to local media report, a 26-year-old software engineer from Pavel named Tabrej Mehaboob Nagrali from India ordered an iPhone 8 and instead, got the bar of laundry detergent shipped to his address as can be […]