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    Mozilla Browser Revamp

    Mozilla’s flagship Firefox browser is about to be restored with a brand new engine version. After a few setbacks due to some wrong decisions on its part, Mozilla seems to be catching up now. It has decided to revamp the system with the aim of marking a radical break with its old brand identity. The […]

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    Google aims to make YouTube a better place for advertisers

    It has never been easy for Google to convince advertisers that YouTube is the best place for targeting audience. But Google has always been in search for tools that can help it gain massive audience for its video platform. Google has now shifted its focus towards mobile and has promised advertisers and agencies with better […]

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    NameCheap is offering free domains for students

    As part of an education initiative to get students online, NameCheap is presenting free domains to current students from UK, US, Canada, and Australian universities. The NameCheap student package is available in a bundle including discounted third level domains, free web hosting, as well as personalized email address. For users, organizations, and repositories GitHub Pages […]

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    linkedin new design

    LinkedIn launches a huge redesign like facebook

    It is very common among LinkedIn users to use the website a few times while searching for a job and never look back at it again. With the previous structure, it was easier for users to lose interest on the website. But now it has launched a new design with the aim of keeping the […]

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    Study claims Google placed its own ad first

    According to a research conducted by The Wall Street Journal, around 91% of the top ad slots in the firm’s search results pages are occupied by Google’s advertisements. For study of the advertising data, 25,000 pages were analyzed by the firm. It included 1,000 results for 25 search terms involving laptops, speakers, watches, and smoke […]

  • PlanX

    PlanX raised US $743,807 for 19 startups last year

    According to a statement issued recently by the Punjab information technology Board (PITB), Pakistan’s first technology accelerator has raised $743,807 for 19 startups in 2016. A total of 4,491 startups successively creating 517 jobs helped in the process. During the course of the year, four PlanX startups also separately raised $795,000 in seed funding. The […]

  • Google plus

    Google+ won’t go

    As people started considering Google as a primary source of information on the internet, Google wanted Google+ to be the primary route for humans to experience other people online. It was so considerate of Google to connect people through different circles rather than adding everyone into the friends list. Google+ was once supposed to kill […]

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    Google Drive goes down

    Google Drive seems to be running into some serious issues today. The services began to slow down around 8AM PT today. Many users (mostly in USA) see Google’s version of the spinning beach ball instead of their stored files. Since Drive is the backbone and links to many other Google services, the slowness and not loading […]

  • lycos

    Yahoo may be gone but Lycos still surviving

    There is no disagreement on Yahoo being out of the game now. In a $4.8 billion deal, major portion of the company has been taken up by Verizon. The rebranded version of Yahoo is surprisingly named as Altaba. On the run, Yahoo failed to compete with Google on search. When we look at Google, failing […]

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    Snapchat’s major redo and latest universal feature

    Gaining a long-term following is the most important topic in the online world. SnapChat has recently addressed this issue by launching its universal search. It has been launched for come Android users and will be available for iOS shortly after. This feature nicely targets the problem of attaining new followers. SnapChat continuously met the criticism […]

  • google voice

    Google Voice is expected to get an upgrade

    An important update for Google Voice by Google is expected to be rolled out soon. An upgrade link publicizing the new Google Voice on the web version of the surface has been seen by several Google voice users this week. The link was to help them experience the improved version. Although, this hype was created […]

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