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  • facebook

    Facebook now adds private chat in Live videos

    Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive. But sometimes it becomes a myriad of absurd comments. But now Facebook is making it a lot easier by allowing its users to have a private conversation during a Facebook’s live videos. The platform enables users to watch live videos privately […]

  • top-freelance-skills

    Upwork launches 0% fee for bringing your clients to the platform

    As people’s needs are constantly shifting, there are new communication channels appearing all the time. This is because the business of today is mostly changing. For this purpose, there is always a need for a flawless experience that can speak directly to the potential consumers. This requires creating a personalized and engaging content marketing program […]

  • iPhone

    Apple is attracting Android users, here is how

    For a while now, Apple is sweeping up Android users. It has been focusing on attracting the Android users and the CEO has been showing statistics about the number of people who have been switching to iPhones. Recently, the iPhone making company has launched a website that is intended for urging Android users to make […]

  • 16popularappsitune

    Study shows SnapChat and Instagram are not good for youngsters

    It is pretty common nowadays for young people to scroll through their Insta feed or checking what other people are up to on SnapChat. But this entire social media stalking is having negative effects on today’s teenagers. According to a study, Instagram and SnapChat although being very popular platforms are having adverse effects on teenagers. […]

  • Google remove objects from photo

    Google will soon let you remove unwanted objects from a photo

    Google made some real exciting announcements at Google Event I/O 2017. One of the biggest challenges a non technical user typically face with their photos is to do the image editing. The unwanted stuff just devalues the picture. Not every one knows how to use Photoshop to remove unwanted objects from their photos. Well, good […]

  • insta

    Cross-app notifications uniting Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram

    We all know that platforms like Instagram and Messenger that have users running into billions are all part of the Facebook family. But the company now seems to be stressing on this point by bringing cross-app notifications to all of its platforms. Currently, a feature is being tested by Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram that shows […]

  • Google Assistant iPhone

    Hey Siri, Yes the Google Assistant gets its place on the iPhone

    You read it correctly, the Google Assistant gets a place on Apple’s iPhone to take on Siri. It was announced at Google I/O that Apple will roll out an app exclusively designed for iOS to cater the needs of the users with certain limitations. Starting today, we’re bringing the #GoogleAssistant to iPhones. Whether at home […]

  • Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 16.04.33

    New Lens introduced by Google for recognizing objects

    Google seems to be doubling down on machine learning. The new feature is not available yet Google has announced that the company is working on a new form of AI called Google Lens. This is the feature that will allow users to point their phone at real-world objects around them in order to view useful […]

  • insta_face_filter

    Instagram introduces Face Filters and lot more

    Now things are getting more interesting on Instagram as it is adding another SnapChat inspired feature onto the platform. Instagram’s team has done a lot of exciting work around augmented reality. It aims to introduce more creative ways for users to share everyday moments and engage with friends. This time it has introduced face Filters […]

  • facebook

    Low-quality webpages being discarded by Facebook

    The way fake news trend surfaced the whole platform during the elections and actually influenced the outcomes. This issue pushed the social media giant into a crackdown mode. Since last year, Facebook has been making a lot of efforts to make users feel more confident while clicking to links on the platform. Recently, it has […]

  • Alibaba_Mou

    Promoting e-commerce industry, Alibaba signs its first MoU in Pakistan

    The world’s largest online and mobile commerce company Alibaba, has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).the development took place during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the company’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China. The Prime Minister of Pakistan was given a detailed presentation of the […]

  • Trending Hot

    Yayvo Pakistan Shopping Day

    PAKISTAN’S FIRST EVER ONLINE SHOPPING DAY ON 19TH MAY, 2017 along with other e-commerce partners have taken the initiative to celebrate Pakistan’s Own Shopping Day on 19th May 2017. It’s going to be the first sales festive of its own kind in Pakistan, which will continue to happen every year, just before the Ramzan. Now you can easily get rid of Eid & Ramzan […]

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