Capturing Moments With Facebook 360 Degree Photos


It becomes really disturbing when you capture a moment of a beautiful place and then Facebook default shows it from an angle which is not interesting. Facebook’s new update can help you chose the “initial” view for your photograph easily. The photos in album option will be available in the coming weeks but the “initial view selection” has already for users to benefit from.

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Regular photo sharing with friends has become an old trend, now our future revolves around interactive photographs. Viewing 360-degrees photos is fun and enough to make our friends jealous of our vacations. But uploading these photos can sometimes be really irritating. Thanks to Facebook’s effort for creating something to deal with the trouble to some extent.

There are two ways to choose the initial angle for your image.

  1. Before posting your image on the Android, iOS or Web, you can drag your image around the preferred view.

  2. Another way is to click on the option of edit from your desktop and move the mouse around the photo till you reach the desired view.

Facebook will allow you to add the 360 photos into the normal photo albums. It will also be possible to post both kinds of photos at the same time. This small update for 360 photos will make it easy for everyone to interactive photos and it is also important for Facebook to grow number of users in this regard.

Via: TheNextWeb



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