Bushra Azhar: The Myth of balancing motherhood and an amazing successful career

“A strong women understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as famine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts”. Nancy Rathburn

A mother’s life can become increasingly daunting at times especially when she wants to do something with her life. But technology has made it possible for women to showcase their skills and abilities to increase their productivity, create new entrepreneurial ventures, and access new income generating pursuits.

Bushra Azhar is a busy mother who went from no business idea to now leading a new feminist movement among working professional mothers. For Bushra, opportunity came when she least expected it and in varying forms. She created a massive community and generated revenue from her part-time business double to what she earned with her full-time career. She is a sought-after consultant & persuasion strategist. For her struggles, she has been spotlighted in Forbes, Fast Company and 50 other great places on the web.

Early Struggles:

Bushra Azhar after moving to Saudi Arabia wanted to make money online. But she wanted to make money through a business that allows her freedom and flexibility on her own terms. Having no idea of what kind of business to start with, she took a course of Ramit Sethi’s “Zero to launch course” in 2014. By using those techniques, she came up with many ideas. After experimenting with nine of the ideas, she ended up only with teaching entrepreneurs about persuasion and negotiation.

Although puzzled for a long time between the true spellings of “copywriting”, she actually started her business and launched her first product in her free time. It was a low tech program on how to create persuasive landing pages and priced the pages for $49. To her surprise she was able to sell more than 300.

This gave her courage to connect with her audience in such a good manner that people started seeing her as someone who could help them. She kept the price of her courses constant at $49 because she wanted everyone to afford and learn what they want to. She continued with creating and launching new products and earned almost $30,000 with online courses and coaching services by the end of the year.

In October 2015, she took her business step further and created programs with three different tiers that sold for $499, $700, and $14, 99 which resulted in earning $130,000. She is the sole owner of her business as she does all the work by herself, from writing her copy to balancing the books herself.

Her Advice:

Bushra Azhar has perpetuated the idea that success is not restricted to gender or age. She has proved that women are capable to accomplish whenever they want to pursue their passion. Her advice for someone who wants to start a side business is,

“Make sure you’ve built your business in something complimentary to your day job. That way it’s not a physical struggle to detach yourself from your day job and move onto other side gig. You could work on client email, and then in ten minutes you can work on your online gigs. If it’s too different, it’s harder to shift gears”.

A social and economic status of a mother is often considered best with her children’s nutrition and completing education.

Bushra has proved that no matter what the status is, a woman has the ability to access income, technology, and work to improve her children’s welfare more than as men with similar resources.

Picture Curtesy Business Insider

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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