Bitcoin falls below $4000 – Loses 40% of its Value in Two Weeks

Bitcoin (BTC) terrible downslide continuous in 2018 and it seems that there is more twist to the tale as 2019 is just around the corner.

Bitcoin fell below the $4,000 mark this Saturday. This accounts for a massive 40% drop within two weeks.

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With just a little recovery on Monday the currency fell to as low as $3,520 last week.

Although Bitcoin saw a slight recovery on Sunday, the currency price moved from $3,600 to $4,100 in a few hours time, pandits are skeptical that a bottom was truly achieved.

It was at the start of this year when Warren Buffett told Cryptocurrency will come to a bad ending. The world’s most prolific investor also described Bitcoin as a real bubble

People get excited from big price movements, and Wall Street accommodates,” He also said. Bitcoin is a “real bubble”, Buffett also criticized the idea of applying a value to Bitcoin. –  Warren Buffett

BTC might just be nearing its end if this price decline scenario continues.

Via The VergeCoindesk


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