Bill Gates to Build a ‘Smart City’ Near Phoenix

Bill Gates, the technology billionaire has planned to build world’s first purpose smart city in Arizona. He wants to create a forward-thinking community with communication and infrastructure spine that embraces the modern technology. For this purpose, Bill Gates has recently bought 25,000 acre of undeveloped land for $80 M. The land has been purchased by an investment firm that is owned by Bill Gates. The barren land just by the South of Tonopah, AZ, has been planned to be developed by Belmont partners, Bill Gates, and his colleagues.

Belmont Arizona: Smart City

According to the official new release by the Belmont partners, the purpose is to create a forward-thinking community that is designed around high-speed digital networks, data centers, new manufacturing technologies as well as distribution models. It will have autonomous vehicles and autonomous logistic hubs. The release also stated that the development will be comparable to square miles and projected population to Tempe, Arizona. According to reports, the 25,000 acres will be divided into functional subsections which will include an 80,000 single family dwellings, along with 3, 800 acres of offices. 470 acres of land will be set aside for public school as well as for commercial and retail development.

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According to experts, Bill gates have purchased a good place because of its location relative to Arizona proposed interstate I-11 freeway. It can help to connect the community with both Belmont and Phoenix. Right now, no timeline has been given that when Belmont’s development will begin but it is definitely the first effort to create a smart city across U.S.

Via: iDrop News / Image Source Here

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