Bevy, Startup Business Matchmaking App

Bevy is a startup that acts as a connectivity network for other startups, investors and job finders. Imagine you are a startup in a need of a co-founder, perhaps in need of some one to mentor you and guide you with a goal map, Bevy is a mobile app that connects you with such people.

It is also a handy platform to to find advises, tools on marketing, design or development and a lot more. It is first of its kind which bridges a network for everyone involved in startup industry. App works in a seamlessly easy way, just post what you need to get done and app does the rest. It connects you with the right people and plays its role in forming a relationship to move forward.

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Bevy is unique because no business model focuses on startup business match making. This is the reason if executed properly, this could be a next big thing in the world simply because, the basic problems all startups face is connecting with the right people, get mentors and access to the all the necessary tools that help in growing in a right direction.

Bevy is a perfect app for startup eco-system. Try Bevy, Download Mobile App.