Avoid these 5 habits and practice emotional intelligence to monitor yourself for better future

Unhappy people have a very different outlook on life. Other people find it difficult to be around them or work with them. Their unhappiness drives the other people away and makes them less likeable among others. Their unhappiness creates a vicious cycle which holds them back from achieving everything that they are capable of. But such people do not realize that their unhappiness is determined by their habits. These are the habits that lead to unhappiness more than others and you should be really careful about them.

Following are the habits you really need to avoid and should practice emotional intelligence to monitor yourself:

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Complaining about everything:

When you constantly complain about things in life, it drains your energy and removes all the joy in your life. When you complain about things, you find trouble in everything. Instead, you should force yourself to the facts and should see the good aspect of everything.

Thinking more bad things will happen:

When faced with temporary setbacks in life, unhappy people consider themselves stuck forever. They consider it evidence that life is going to be hard on them. But if you see things as part of the process of your reaching success, you will see that every turn takes you closer to your goals and there is nothing to be unhappy about it.

Ignoring the real problems:

What makes the life of unhappy people more miserable is that they ignore their problems and push them under the rug instead of finding a solution. But in actual when you start ignoring a problem, it gets worse. Therefore, take into account all the problems that are troubling you and search for their better solutions.

Jealousy is incompatible with happiness:

Being jealous of someone can take away all your joy in an instant. This is the kind of thinking that gives you harm and does not make any impact on the lives of people you are jealous of. But if you be kind to other people, you will see that it will have the opposite effect.

Feeling helpless:

When you feel life out of your control, everything seems to be falling apart. You feel there is no way you can take action and if you did, nothing will change. But that is not true and you should realize that having this mindset can affect your outlook on life. Therefore take action when you feel its time and you will see things turning for better.

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