Saima Ikram

  • 7 Proven Ways To Stick To Good Habits

    We can never free ourselves from habits but there is a difference between the habits of an amateur and a professional. An amateur has amateur habits whereas a professional has professional habits. But fortunately, we can replace old habits with good ones. It is not easy to break the bad habits but it is harder […]

  • 6 Ways to boost your emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is no doubt crucial in the formation, development, maintenance, and enhancement of personal or professional relationships. Among leadership groups, corporate training, and human resource workshops, it is a highly discussed topic. It is because emotional intelligence brings a huge impact on your work performance. It has been proved that workers who have high […]

  • These 4 personalities teach us how important it is to learn the art of effective communicating

    Communication can make a lot of difference between success and failure. When you communicate effectively, it inspires others to take action, make a process go smoothly, and plant the seeds for new ways of thinking. Also, the ability to communicate effectively strengthens an emotional connection with the audience. This is the reason that great leaders […]

  • 6 ways that can help you to live the life the way you want to

    When you talk about awakening your authentic self, personal development and self-awareness become crucial for conditioning and nurturing of your mind. It makes you the narrator of your life; you create purpose and direction actively involved as co-creators of your destiny. By working and focusing on what you can control, your hope, your attitude, your […]

  • Here is how you can turn your intentions into a reality

    A lot of time, you walk around without intention; you don’t formally articulate what you desire to conceive in a day, a week, a month, a year, or even your life. But if you fail to make plans then you may plan to fail. Therefore, it is important to know your intentions in order to […]

  • 5 Proven Benefits of Thankfulness

    Most of the people assume that the benefits of gratitude are primarily external but according to the latest research, thankfulness offers major payoffs on your side of the equation. All too often, you forget to pay attention to gratitude because life gets in the way. Your attention shifts to getting the assignments completed, presentations that […]

  • 5 Household tricks to reduce stress

    Though the type and intensity of stress may vary from minor challenges to major crises, everyone experiences stress on regular basis. At times, this stress gets intense, chronic, and unmanaged and can even take a toll on your health and well-being. Finding stress relievers can be challenging as each one does not fit every situation. […]

  • Neuroscientists Have Identified How Exactly Deep Breathing Changes Your Mind

    The advice to just breathe at stressful times sounds like a cliché of Godzilla-sized proportions but it does not make it untrue. It is because deep breathing not only manages stress but helps to manage the vast processing system of the unconscious mind. The new research has now revealed that a deep breath can help […]

  • 5 Billionaires Who Drive Cheap Cars Telling Us To Live Simple

    Not every billionaire focuses on luxurious and rich life style. Some want to keep it simple and nice when it comes to selecting what to wear daily or to chose the car they want to drive. These billionaires drive the cars way below their means because, they feel comfortable and relax in taking these wheels. […]

  • 7 Habits that lead to unhappiness

    There are times when you feel unhappy for no reason. But when unhappiness seems to fill your life, it means it has a lot to do with your habits. It is because there are actually some bad habits that make you unhappy in your life. Feeling underappreciated at times or just plain sad means that […]