Saima Ikram

  • How to keep close relationship with the people you admire the most

    Have you ever imagined having multiple offers to choose from while everyone else complains that there are no jobs left in the entire economy? For having that kind of experience it isn’t necessary that you are a high-level executive. This is something you can achieve through networking. But just networking isn’t enough; you must know […]

  • Your brain might be special, If music gives you goosebumps

    Do you ever get goosebumps when listening to a good music?. Matthew Sachs is a former undergraduate at Harvard who studied individuals last year. The experiment was done on those who got chills from music to see how this feeling and body response was triggered. The research examined 20 students, 10 people admitted to experiencing the […]

  • 7 ways to make your every morning more productive

    Because of the quiet and calm time of the day, the morning hours are always magical. It is in fact that time of the day when thousands of articles and books get written all year. The concept of a morning routine might not be new to you and you may have somewhat of a morning […]

  • Science confirms the eye color and its relation to your personality

    You may have heard that eyes are the windows to your soul. This is an old saying by William Shakespeare but now, it is being backed by science. The recent studies have shown that there could be a relation between your personality and the patterns of the iris. It was found that people with same […]

  • WhatsApp could be getting its own cryptocurrency

    Facebook eyes on another dream: After kik, WhatsApp might also be another messaging app to support cryptocurrency payments. Bloomberg has reportedly mentioned after confirmation of concerned resources about the tech giants new venture for adding cryptocurrency support offered to WhatsApp users. Once implemented, WhatsApp users will be able to to transfer money to each other. […]

  • How to make 2019 your best ever year

    It is the onset of December and the perfect time to start the planning. You need to make decisions and take the action that can make your 2019 the best ever year. Every New Year feels like a new beginning, ripe with possibility as well as opportunities. You always think of taking positive steps towards […]

  • 7 Ways to create time and space that will help you focus in life

    Everyone has objectives that they want to hit which includes both personal and professional goals. Mostly you draw up a roadmap on how to reaching your targets but fail to set the specific time that is needed to actually make it happen. In order to excel in all areas of life, these tips will help […]

  • 6 Skills that can make you an excellent entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs who are new in the industry are usually vulnerable to the challenges that come along the way because of lack of experience. Just doing research and developing an adequate marketing strategy, does not make them excellent in their work. There are a lot of other skills that are required for running a company or […]

  • 8 Signs that you have finally learned to love yourself

    One of the most important skills a person can learn is to practice self-love. It is because only when you are feeling the love towards yourself, you can expect others to accept you for who you are. You should have a tender and respectful love in regards to yourself and keep stoking the fire of […]

  • Harvard Study Shows the Dangers of Early School Enrollment

    Many parents remain in a state of confusion that when is the right time for their child to start their school. But there are a great number of people who use their child’s individual characteristics to judge the school’s readiness while other’s philosophical beliefs lead them to delay their child’s school entry. A lot of […]

  • Democrats erupt into laughter after Google’s CEO explanation ‘iPhone is made by a different company’

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced some difficult questions at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Rep. Steve King proved to be the most intricate inquirer coming up with some hard-to-answer questions. King mentioned personal experience where his 7-year-old granddaughter playing a game on her phone saw a picture of the congressman with some inappropriate language. […]