Apple’s new TV App for iPhone, iPad

After getting introduced this fall, Apple’s new app is now available for public with recent updates of iOS and tvOS. Apple now offers its users with an access to TV shows and movies through a single end. This app allows the users to access content installed on the devices along with keeping track of their favorite programs. It also allows them to search across apps, get recommendations, and access their iTunes store and iTunes library.

There is a variety of applications available for growing number of streaming videos. These applications allow users to watch programs on mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices. But the process mostly upsets the user with their sign in and authentication procedures. The availability of these apps makes it hard for users to remember which application offers to show their favorite programs.

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Apple’s new app named as “TV” simplifies the video viewing process for its users on Apple TV, iPhones, and iPad. It gives users an experience of Netflix front-end to the variety of content available across applications. But Netflix and various other streaming video providers do not provide their content through TV app. Rather than other services; they focus more towards aggregating the available content across individual TV networks’ applications.

This application provides users with a more easy access to the content with a pay TV-subscription. It asks users to provide their login information one time because of single time sign-on. Providers are continuously being added on list by Apple to support single sign-on during the beta. Dish, DirecTV, and SlingTV are among the few of the names along with industry’s bigger brands such as Time Warner and Comcast.

Apple new TV app provides users with many features to improve their video watching experience. Apple’s Siri can be a great help in this regard. By tuning in with it, you can ask which games are on at the time or tell the name of the program you want to watch. It will help you to directly watch the live streaming within the TV app itself without navigating anywhere else.

Siri can also provide ideas if you get caught into the selection of a program. If you want to resume a program or a movie where you left, Siri will start the video where you had left. You can also start watch on one device and pick it up on another one.

The TV app also has few sections that help you decide upon the available programs. All the shows and movies from iTunes are available in the Watch Segment. The new rentals and purchases are available in the Up Next section. Through curated collections, Apple is also providing recommended content to help you select the trending programs, select shows, and movies by genres as well as Apple’s editors’ hand-picked collection.

In Apple beta releases, this TV app with single sign-on was already revealed therefore its public launch was expected. This app will soon arrive in latest version for mobile software, iOS 10.2 but it currently works on all fourth-generation Apple TVs.

Via: Tech Crunch

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