Apple Watch Series 4 – Your Amazing Health Doctor

Apple introduces a new watch model and it is a significant revolution in the smart watches history. The Apple Watch is officially named the Series 4 during the Apple’s event launch yesterday. Thanks to the slimmed-down bezels, the S4 comes up with up-to 35 percent larger display.

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The battery life of the Series 4 has been significantly improved as compared to previous models and it lasts a lot longer. New S4 comes with enhanced sleep and health tracking features. Watch also has low power mode that allows for all night sleep tracking.

The most amazing feature:

S4 has an accurate ECG system, low heart rate monitoring system and a hearty rhythm system. Although, previous watch versions could detect and warn you about abnormal heart rhythm, the new watch has an amazing heart monitoring system that could alarm you in advance so you can go to the doctor before you suffer some serious heart problem.

Apple Watch Series Color Options:

Watch Series 4 is available in a new gold finish, a black finish

Apple Watch Series 4 Price:

The Apple Watch Series 4 will start at a $399 (non cellular). The cellular-model will start at $499.

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