Apple slowing down its old iPhone models before the new release

The latest study regarding Apple’s behavior before the launch of its new device has been released. This study states that the company purposefully slows down the older models of the iPhones so that the new model can have all the attention. The slowing of the previous models encourages customers to buy the latest iPhone.

The worldwide searches that have been analyzed by a U.S. study that the search term spiked enormously during the time of the launch of a new iPhone. The study was also carried out on the same search term regarding Samsung and it was revealed that their new releases never made an impact on the previous models.

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The analysis reveals that the tech giant is deliberately sabotaging the production of the old phones. According to a preofessor of Economics at Harvard University, this is the same phenomena adopted by the business owners. In order to release a newer product, they make the previous versions of those models less useful in the eyes of the consumers.


Some of the consumers of the older versions of the iPhones shared their experiences that a slowdown was noticed when they updated their phones during the launch of the new model. According to one of the iPhone users, her iPhone 4 became a lot slower when she downloaded the iOS 7 that she was compelled to buy the new iPhone 5 at her time. Apple has been facing allegations for its planned absolescence before. In Brazil, the company was sued by the Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law Software as it launched the iPad Air. This launch made the iPad 3 retina screen redundant because of the change of device very quickly.

According to an iOS expert, Apple tends to upgrade the chips faster every time they are relased. This actually annoys the users but it is necessary for introducing a new model of the iPhone.

Image and post via: DailyMail

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