Apple S4 Watch saved a Swedish guy from dying and getting his house burnt

Swiss watches may well be past their prime. It is because of technology advancement and evolution. With the emergence of smart watches, human activity is closely monitored. The monitoring gives competitive advantage to smart watches over traditional swiss watches.

With the help of smart watch, you can make a call, count your steps and Apple Watch S4 is taking the health to all new next level.

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It is your personalized health doctor and warns you to see a doctor or call for help before something serious happens.

Apple’s S4 has an great and near to accurate ECG system, low heart rate monitoring system and a heart rhythm system. in case of any ir-regularity observed, it warns you and even advices you to call for help.

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Recently, S4 just saved a human life. It not only saved Swedish man Gustavo Rodriguez life but also saved his house from burning.

Mr. Rodriguez is 34 years old and was cooking in his kitchen when he felt a severe pain in his back. Quickly, the pain became so severe that he could not move and turn off the stove or even get out of kitchen for a fresh air.

Soon, he collapsed on the floor and began to black out.

He knew, he was in deep trouble but was unable to access his phone near the stove to call for a help. His watch, Apple S4 detected his sudden abnormality and asked if he would like to call a help line at 112, Sweden’s emergency services phone number.

Somehow, the Swedish man was able to drag himself to the living room and called his mother in law from his watch. She along with 112 came immediately and turned the stove off.

Stove, if turned on for little longer could have put the home on fire and hurt everyone at home including Rodriguez daughter.

Emergency services gave Rodriguez a morphine shot for his pain and later he was taken to the hospital where he was cleared and allowed to leave for home.

Speaking about the Watch that saved his life and house. Swedish guy said;

“Before I got it, I thought the features were a fun gimmick,”

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