Apple is banning misleading apps

Apple not just introduced the iPhone 8 but seems to be taking all safety measures in order to make the device successful. For this reason, Apple has also updated its developer app review guidelines in order to make sure that the App Store does not contain any apps that can harm the device. The company seems to be searching for any misleading apps hiding in the App Store in order to remove them.

The App Store already has strict policies regarding any such apps but the recent update is stressing more on taking an action against them. The company states that the ban is against all such apps that include content or services as well as fake antivirus apps that do not even work. A lot of applications have already been removed by Apple but the release of the guideline is to prevent any such apps making on the App Store.

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Along with the new guidelines, Apple has also introduced clauses for the ARKit and the Face ID. The company wants the ARKit present in the App Store to offer rich and integrated augmented reality experiences. And for Face ID, Apple wants the app to provide an alternative for the unlocking method for kids under the age of 13. Also, Apple is making it easier for the real apps to offer 100 percent of funds to be gifted among users while making the In-App purchases and will evade the need to give 30% to Apple.

Also, the clause by Apple strictly prohibits the apps to facilitate any kind of human trafficking or kids’ exploitation. Although app makers might find other ways to do their work, however, Apple has made it pretty much clear that the company will be strict in its policies from onwards.

Via: 9to5Mac

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