Apple CEO Tim Cook Warns About Social Media’s Dangers

Apple's Tim Cook waves at the Apple Watch launch event. [Image Source: The Verge] -

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Speaking in the UK on Friday became the latest in a series of tech entrepreneurs to warn of the potential risks of using social media.

I don’t have a kid, but I have a nephew that I put some boundaries on. There are some things that I won’t allow, I don’t want them on a social network.

He said he does not believe on over usage of technology. According to The Guardian, Tim also said ‘I don’t want my nephew on a social network

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I don’t believe in overuse of technology. I’m not a person that says we’ve achieved success if you’re using it all the time. I don’t subscribe to that at all.

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Cook has joined other tech personalities who have raised awareness and talked about the over-usage of technology, social media and its negative impact specially on the children. Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president said last year that he had helped Mark Zuckerberg create a ‘Monster‘ and God knows what it will do to our kids brain.

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