Apple asked customer to prove that he is not Saddam Hussein

Customer’s refund denied by Apple

It is hard to imagine being denied of an offer just because of one’s name. But it actually happened this time with an Apple’s customer. Sharakat Hussain purchased an iPhone 7 and later on wished to return the device to the company for indefinite reasons. He contacted the company for a refund but instead received an email after several weeks which left him in a complete confusion. The unexpected response from the company made him feel much disrespected as he was asked to prove that he was not one of the late dictators, Saddam Hussein.

Sharakat Hussain at first believed the email as a spam which asked for a proof despite the dictator is no more alive to be linked to. The customer’s surname “Hussein” was reportedly a part of the state’s denied party’s lists. Although both names were spoken the same way but there is a difference in the spelling.

This email created disturbance among people that how can an apple customer be linked to a former deceased Iraqi president. According to Apple, the email was a serious mistake and should have never been sent at the first place. But for Apple, it is not easy to digest that someone from the company considered a ten years ago executed president as one of the customer asking for a device refund.

The statement issued by Apple is as follows:

“We offer our true apologies to Mr. Hussain. Although identity check is required while processing a refund but the letter he actually received was a mistake and should have never been directed to him”.

After this, a prompt refund for the iPhone 7 has been promised to the customer.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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