Android co-creator Andy Rubin’s new ‘Essential’ smartphone to be revealed today

In January, one of the co-founders of Android Andy Rubin has announced that he was working on a new smartphone that lacks a bezel and offers an edge to edge display. Now the company is about to reveal the date of the release of its smartphone.

Earlier, the company announced by tweeting that indicated that the company is about to reveal something new. And then just a few hours later, a silhouette of the next device was shared with the public. This indicates that the phone has an unusual shape.

The bezel is almost nonexistent and the phone features a cutout on top for a speaker, along with a prominent button on the side of the device. In order to go head-to-head against Apple’s iPhone will undoubtedly require something radical.

It’s still unclear when we expect to see a device coming forward. The startup will be relying heavily on hype building based on Rubin’s pedigree and Essential to have a strong team. The company is now focusing on its engineering efforts on high-end devices.

Via: The Next Web