Amazing (not commonly known) Internet Facts.

Number of Internet Users:

There are 3.2 billion people use the internet and out of them 1.7 billion are Asians.

First Ever Registered Internet Domain:

The very first internet domain name that ever got registered was on March 15, 1985 and still exists today. Symbolic Inc., a computer manufacturer headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and later in Conrad, Massachusetts. It made prominent advances in the software technology and in 1080s and 1990s it presented premier software development environments which are now sold commercially as Open Genera for Tru64 UNIX on the HP Alpha.

YouTube Hourly uploads:

Over 100 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every single minute

Most streamed Spotify track:

Major Lazer – “Lean On (feat. Mo & DJ Snake)” is the most popular all time streamed track on Spotify. It has over 586 million streams.

Twitter’s first ever Tweet:

Jack Dorsey sent the 1st ever tweet on 21st March, 2006. Here is how it looked like.

First ever tweet.

Facebook 1st top 20 Users:

If you think Mark Zukerberg would be the first user, you are wrong. He is actually number 4th in the list. Here is a complete article.

First ever YouTube video:

“Me at the zoo” was the first ever video uploaded on YouTube

Google Search Queries:

Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. Click here to see a website showing live stats.

Chinese Biggest Social Network:

Sina Weibo is the Chinese biggest social media network. It has 280.8 Million users.

Twitter Monthly Users:

Twitter has over 313 million monthly active users. Around 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year.

Who invented World Wide Web?

Born in London in 1955, Tim Berners-Le is the inventor of WWW. He was knighted by the Queen for his services to the world. He is also called as “Father of the Web”.

Internet’s First ever website:

Internet’s very first website is still out there in its original shape.


There are approx 204 million emails sent per minute all over the world.

The Biggest Facebook Page: is the biggest Facebook fan page.


Tumblr was founded in February 2007 in New york, USA. It has over 550 Million monthly users.

How old is internet?: lets you see how old is internet (daily updates). The Internet is 10031 days old today *August 28, 2016*

Most viewed YouTube Video All time:

“Gangnam Style” is still the YouTube’s most viewed video even 4 years after its release in 2012.

Internet Library: has over 502 billion pages on the Internet. If you want to see how a website looked in the past. The library has a treasure vault.

Mobile vs Desktop

The number of internet users on mobile exceeds the desktop users now.

The Computer that created internet:

The NeXT Computer used by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN.

Number of Social Media users:

Want to know the Number of total social media users on each major platform. Click Here.



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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