Always Tired?. Look for these 7 Signs of poor work-life balance

When you step into the practical life, work-life balance becomes like the search of El Dorado. It is something that you love to talk about and search for but it ever eludes you. However, this shouldn’t be the case. You see work-life balance as unattainable because you make it unattainable.

The lack of work-life balance can add up to your daily grind but most of the times you remain unaware of it. Following are the few signs that you must observe if you are experiencing difficulty in your professional and personal life:

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You always feel exhausted:

There are many people who are lucky enough to get eight hours of sleep at night even when they are working a lot. But even with the six hours of sleep, they experience a persistent fatigue in their body. It is an indication from your brain to tell you that it is overloaded and you need to lighten the burden. That the time when your body needs a break and some attention as well.

You become impatient:

When you are pressurized with work, you often start to lose your temper. You start to hold on to resentments a little tight and become impatient with your colleagues or family members. If this begins happening on daily basis then you must take notice of it. Train your mind to focus on the positive aspects of life and be grateful for every day that you get to live.

The concept of time becomes distorted:

Working constantly and without any refreshing breaks makes you forget the concept of enjoying the time. Often you don’t realize how long it has been and you even forget the last time you enjoyed. That is a big sign for you to get things in control and engage yourself in some fun activity at least once a week.

You are available all the time:

Because of the digital advancements, people have become more than ever available to their clients or colleagues. With email and cloud-based communication, you are always present to pay attention to their requests. But having a conversation for the nine working hours of availability is enough for everyone. After that, make it a rule not to reply to emails or business phone calls.

You nor not sure about your priorities:

When you are not able to maintain a work-life balance, you forget what your priorities actually are. Nothing important comes up in your mind and you just think everything to be completed. This does not help you to progress consistently towards your goals. Therefore, take some time out and reprioritize your current schedule. Make those things your priorities that are actually your life goals.

You seek perfection:

Many people think that perfectionism is the key to success but it’s not. Perfectionism can make you pay a price in the form of anxiety, depression, and frustration. This can lead to further severe diseases. Try to reframe your thinking and learn from every mistake that you make in life. This will help you to grow more and live a much better life.

You fail to handle relationship:

By not attaining work-life balance, you make your relationships suffer. Therefore, make sure to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy with them by fully engaging in real conversations with your family.

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