Always make your passion serve your highest potential

There is enormous pleasure in pursuing your passion. For many people, being absorbed in their favorite hobby, sport, or past-time is a pure pleasure which makes them spend countless hours in pursuit of their interest and the feelings associated with it. But whatever you love to do does not mean that you want to make your living doing it because you assume your hobbies are just a way to bring you joy. But the passion involved in your hobbies has a hold on you, it keeps you awake at night with inspiration and it’s something you cannot resist.

Following are some strategies that will help you to express your passion to correspond with your highest potential and do something you actually love to do:

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Be someone you wanted to be:

When you work on something you don’t love, it becomes hard for you to connect with it. But when you do something that is an extension of your passion you can’t wait to get up in the morning to spend another day immersed in your pursuit. According to Steve Jobs, if you haven’t found it yet then don’t settle. There is nothing more meaningless then living a life that does not resonate with who you want to be.

Keep finding passion in other areas:

Passion is not tied to generating income and this is where people get disconnected from the work they love. But you can direct your life towards what you love to do as there are many budding entrepreneurs who started out their passion and turned it into a lucrative business. Therefore, keep finding passion in whatever field you are associated with and connect it with what you love to do.

Balancing your mind and body:

While pursuing your passion, you find satisfaction in what you do. For example, people who keep tropical fish, find the deepest satisfaction and resonance as they watch them. In the same way, people who love to cook, it brings a therapeutic effect of calming their mind and body. So find time for doing whatever you like to do because it can be deeply rewarding from your health perspective.

Transform your fears:

Fear is something that stops you from living with your full potential. But if you let go of your fears and transform them into inner peace, it will shape your inner landscape and will influence the reality. Letting go of fears will help you fall in love with your life and will give you a higher state of consciousness.

Stay positive in all situations:

When you have passion for your work, you look for positives in all kinds of situations. Obstacles and challenges appear as an untoward condition which always has something positive to look forward to. You will find something good even in the details and it will be enough to keep you interested in your work.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)