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Creativity, for many of us, is a mysterious quality which only some lucky people are born with. In reality, everyone has this quality but we cannot bring it out in an effective way. It is no doubt for generating wonderful ideas and problem-solving at work and it is always about finding an alternative way. Our imaginative powers propel us to move forwards as species by expanding our world and giving us new ideas and discoveries. But many of us seem to differ when it comes to our ability to imagine and being more imaginative. Science, however, has found a better way to clear all these confusions in our minds and explain us about our imagination.

Creative imagination:

When we discover something original, then we are considered to have a creative imagination. This is different from the usual creativity we come up with in our lives, it is something groundbreaking. According to science, this is the type of imagination that gets boosted through the environment or by being a hard worker. The studies have proved that children who engage with creative people are more likely to be creative themselves. Creative imagination involves divergent thinking that gives you the ability to thing numerous ideas. On the other hand, convergent thinking enables people to evaluate the ideas for usefulness with the exact topic. The more time you spend in a field, the more it helps you to come up with new ideas.

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Fantastical imagination:

This kind of imagination engages people to get absorbed into realistic fantasies. The level of absorption in the imaginary world is much higher with this imagination. It increases daydreaming and disconnects you from the usual activities. Although it has some downsides but it is linked with increased creative imagination, narrative ability, as well as perceptive thinking in children. In adults this type of imagination increases the ability of creative problem solving and memory consolidation.

Episodic imagination:

In this type of imagination, human brain uses real memory details instead of the imaginary ones. The episodic imagination enables people to imagine the alternative pasts and learn from what has gone wrong. It makes people imagine their future and prepares them for it. These are the kind of people who possess a higher capacity for visual imagery experience. According to experts the best way to imagine for the future is to visualize the process instead of just the outcome.

All human beings have the imaginative ability and they need to keep trying to make it better. it can be boosted with practice and experience.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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